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Pictured is a member of the Philadelphia Phillies Hot Pants Patrol

The Hot Pants Patrol was a group used by the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team in the 1970s,[1] designed to attract greater attendance, particularly by men, to home games at Veterans Stadium. It consisted of a number of attractive young "fillies" or "usherettes" who were assigned to various sections throughout the stadium.[2] Their uniform consisted of red jumpsuit incorporating hot pants (hence the name) emblazoned with the Phillies logo and white trim, albeit slightly longer pants than what normally was worn along with white go-go boots.

Despite its success in boosting attendance, and the arrival of the Phillie Phanatic mascot in 1980, the concept came under scrutiny, mainly by feminists. As a result, the Phillies organization retired the Hot Pants Patrol after the 1986 season.


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