Hot Rod: American Street Drag

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Hot Rod: American Street Drag
Developer(s)Canopy Games
Platform(s)Windows 95
  • NA: 31 August 2003
Genre(s)drag racing
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Hot Rod: American Street Drag is a drag racing game by American studio Canopy Games that runs on Windows, based on the Hot Rod Magazine. It is based around the American drag-race scene.

The player starts the game with $5,000 to buy a car and build it up. The player then races the car to win money and parts to expand and upgrade the car.

The game also features 20 cars picked by editors of Hot Rod Magazine, and 4 racing courses.

American Street Drag. In this game you can buy, upgrade and race twenty different cars. The car's styles were hand-picked by the editors of Hot Rod magazine. Once you have purchased a car, you can race it on the street or the drag strip for money, parts and reputation. As your reputation increases new racing opportunities will open up. You'll need to manage your time as well as your money—both are very important to your racing career. Once your car has reached its pinnacle you can race it in the Hot Rod: American Drag Race Tour for a chance to win the big money and have your car appear on a virtual cover of Hot Rod magazine. At any time, you can decide to sell your car and start fresh or put a second car in your garage and build it up from the winnings of your faster car. The decisions are yours. Your racing career is in your hands.

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