Hot Sam Pretzels

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Hot Sam Pretzels
Industry Restaurants
Fate Acquired by Mrs. Fields and later converted to Pretzel Time
Successor Pretzel Time
Founded 1966
Defunct 2005
Headquarters Southfield, Michigan, U.S.
Parent Mrs. Fields

Hot Sam Pretzels was a chain of soft pretzel franchises in the United States.

Hot Sam began in Michigan.[1] The first one was opened at Livonia Mall by Julius Young.[2]

It was sold to General Host, then-owners of Frank's Nursery & Crafts, in 1971 and sold again in 1986.[3]

Located mainly in malls, the chain was acquired by Mrs. Fields in 1995. Mrs. Field's purchased Pretzel Time in 1996 and merged the two chains under the Pretzel Time brand. The last 10 locations were converted in 2005.[4]


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