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Newspaper advertisement for Hot Spring Brewery at Point of the Mountain, 1859

Hot Springs Hotel and Brewery was a Utah Pony Express station, inn and brewery founded in 1856 by Porter Rockwell at Point of the Mountain, modern-day Bluffdale, Utah. It was a contract Pony Express station, ten miles south of Trader's Rest station.[1] Rockwell is known historically as the bodyguard of early Mormon leader and Utah settler Brigham Young. The brewery was Utah's first[a] and at its peak made 500 gallons of beer a day.[6][7]

In October 1934, a memorial marker was placed in Bluffdale, incorporating stones from the inn's stable. It was moved at a later date to the present location (40°29′10″N 111°54′00″W / 40.486°N 111.900°W / 40.486; -111.900) on Pony Express Road.[7][8]

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  1. ^ Listed as the state's first by Salt Lake Tribune[2] and by Beehive Archive.[3] Other sources list Utah's first commercial brewery as Henry Wagener's California Brewery, established in 1864.[4][5]


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Coordinates: 40°28′N 111°55′W / 40.47°N 111.92°W / 40.47; -111.92