Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers

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Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers
The Speed of Silence.jpg
The DVD box art of the film Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers - The Speed of Silence
Created byMark Edens
Ian Richter
Films and television
Film(s)Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers – Ignition
Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers – The Speed of Silence
Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers – Breaking Point
Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers – The Ultimate Race

Hot Wheels: AcceleRacers is a computer-animated series of four films produced by Canadian company Mainframe Entertainment, which also produced the television series ReBoot. Available on DVD and VHS, it has also been shown on Cartoon Network.

A sequel to the 2003 miniseries Hot Wheels: World Race, the series takes place in California and puts Mattel's Hot Wheels toy cars in a ReBoot-like situation, with racing somewhat reminiscent of Tron. The films were distributed by Warner Bros. Television and a soundtrack was distributed by Sony BMG. A collectible card game and other merchandise were also made.


Occupation Films
Ignition The Speed of Silence Breaking Point The Ultimate Race
Director(s) Andrew Duncan
Gino Nichele
Andrew Duncan
William Gordon
William Lau Andrew Duncan
Producer(s) Ian Richter
Gio Corsi
Ian Richter
Writer(s) Screenplay by
Mark Edens
Story by
Mark Edens
Ian Richter
Mark Edens
Composer(s) Brian Carson
Production company(s) Mattel Entertainment
Mainframe Entertainment
Distributor Warner Home Video
Released January 8, 2005 March 19, 2005 June 25, 2005 October 1, 2005
Runtime 60 minutes

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