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Hot d'Or
Golden Hot
Sponsored by Hot Vidéo
Location Cannes and Paris[1][2]
Country France
Reward(s) Hot d'Or d'honneur
First awarded 1992[3]
Last awarded 2001, 2009*
Television/radio coverage
Network Canal+

Hot d'Or (English: Golden Hot)[4] was an adult film industry pornographic award, awarded annually from 1992 to 2001 in Cannes, France[3][5] by the French trade journal Hot Vidéo.[2][3][6]


The awards have been described as the porn equivalent of the Palme d'Or[5] or the Academy Awards.[3][7][8] The analogous American honor is the AVN Award.[2][8][9] The inaugural event was held over two weeks in May in a hotel complex, at exactly the same time as the Cannes Film Festival.[5][6] Venues included the Royal Casino Hotel, situated five miles from the Croisette.[4] In 1997, the event was held at the Lido in Paris.[2][3]

The Hot d'Or was noted for the lavish parties that accompanied it,[6] particularly those held by Private Media Group on board a yacht in Cannes marina.[5] The event attracted many performers, paparazzi, directors, and producers and distributors who would make deals buying and selling films.[5] The event would often court publicity by having porn stars pose naked on the public beach.[6] Consequently, it attracted attention from international media who were in town for the mainstream festival.[5]

The highest award given was the Hot d'Or d'honneur,[4] which was awarded to figures including Estelle Desanges, Marc Dorcel, Julia Channel, John Stagliano, Internet Entertainment Group and Ona Zee.

20th anniversary*[edit]

After an eight-year absence, the awards returned to Paris on October 20, 2009 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Hot Vidéo magazine.[1][10] They were held at Salle Wagram at the art deco Radisson Hotel, and French pop star Helmut Fritz performed at the show.[1] French television giant Canal Plus had the rights to broadcast the show during their late-night block of adult programming.[1]

Reception and review[edit]

Hot d'Ors presence was not particularly welcomed by the Cannes Film Festival or Cannes city officials.[6] In 1998 (when the awards were again held in Cannes),[2] Steve Vlottes of Wicked Pictures said the awards were: "the most important show that we attend".[3]

Award history[edit]

1st Annual Hot d'Or (1992)
2nd Annual Hot d'Or (1993)
3rd Annual Hot d'Or (1994)
  • Best European Actress: Tabatha Cash (France)[13]
  • Best European Starlet: Valy Verdi[13]
  • Best European Actor: Christophe Clark - Délices et Séduction by Michel Ricaud[13]
  • Best European Director: Michel Ricaud[13]
  • Hot d'Or d'honneur: Zara Whites[13]
  • Best European Film: Délit de Séduction by Vidéo Marc Dorcel[13]
  • Best Original Screenplay: Photographic Modelling by Xavier Bonastre[13]
4th Annual Hot d'Or (1995)
  • Best European Actress: Draghixa (France) - Le Parfum de Mathilde
  • Best European Starlet: Barbara Doll
  • Best French Actress: Coralie
  • Best American Actress: Ashlyn Gere
  • Best American Starlet: Chasey Lain
  • Best European Actor: Christophe Clark - Citizen Shane by Michel Ricaud with Anita Rinaldi
  • Best New Director: Rocco Siffredi
  • Best European Director: Marc Dorcel
  • Best European Film: Citizen Shane by Vidéo Marc Dorcel
  • Best Original Screenplay: Le Parfum de Mathilde by Vidéo Marc Dorcel
  • Best Amateur Series: L'École de Laetitia
5th Annual Hot d'Or (1996)
  • Best European Actress: Coralie
  • Best European Supporting Actress: Élodie Chérie
  • Best European Starlet: Laure Sinclair
  • Best American Actress: Jenna Jameson
  • Best American Starlet: Jenna Jameson
  • Best European Actor: Rocco Siffredi
  • Best American Actor: Marc Davis
  • Best New Actor: David Perry
  • Best European Director: Marc Dorcel (The Princess and The Whore)
  • Best American Director: Michael Ninn (Latex)
  • Best New Director: Christoph Clark (Young Widows Lustful)
  • Hot d'Or d'honneur: Richard Allan[citation needed]
  • Best European Film: La Princesse et La Pute (The Princess and The Whore - Marc Dorcel)
  • Best American Film: Latex (Michael Ninn)
  • Best First French Production: Blue Mask
  • Best Lesbian Film: Les Chiennes (The Bitches)
  • Best Original Screenplay: Gigolo
  • Best Cover: Le Désir Dans La Peau (Desire In The Skin)
  • Best Remake or Adaptation: La Princesse et La Pute (The Princess and The Whore - Marc Dorcel)
  • Best American Pro-am Series - Buttman
  • Best French Pro-Am Series - School of Laetitia
  • Best Gold AVN American Film - Buttman's European Vacation 3
  • Hot Platinum K7 - Latex[14]
6th Annual Hot d'Or (1997)
7th Annual Hot d'Or (1998)
8th Annual Hot d'Or (1999)
  • Best American Actress: Jill Kelly (Exile)
  • Best European Actress: Nikki Anderson (L'Enjeu Du Desir and Rocco Never Dies)[18][19]
  • Best European Supporting Actress: Dolly Golden
  • Best American Starlet: Jewel De'Nyle
  • Best European Starlet: Kate More
  • Best American Actor: Mark Davis
  • Best European Actor: David Perry (L'Enjeu Du Desir)
  • Best European Supporting Actor: Marc Barrow (Croupe Du Monde)
  • Best New Actor: Ian Scott
  • Best European Movie: L'Enjeu Du Desir
  • Best American Movie: Flashpoint
  • Best All-Sex Film: Planet Sexxx 2
  • Best French Pro-Am Series: Hongrie Interdite
  • Best American Pro-Am series: The Voyeur
  • Best American Director: Michael Ninn
  • Best European Director: Alain Payet (Le Labyrinthe)[19]
  • Best New European Director: Fred Coppula (Niqueurs Nes)
  • Best New American Director: Gary Sage (Carnal Obsessions)
  • Best Screenplay: Alain Payet
  • Best Box Cover: L'Enjeu Du Desir[14]
9th Annual Hot d'Or (2000)
  • Best Boxcover: L'Esclave des sens - VMD
  • Best Screenplay: L'Emmerdeuse - Fred Coppula, Blue One
  • Best Remake or Adaptation: Les Tontons Tringleurs (Alain Payet - Blue One)[20]
  • Best American Starlet: Tera Patrick
  • Best European Starlet: Meridian
  • Best French Starlet: Estelle Desanges
  • Best American Actress: Stacy Valentine
  • Best European Actress: Laura Angel
  • Best French Actress: Dolly Golden
  • Best European Supporting Actor: Marc Barrow, Hotdorix Colmax
  • Best European Supporting Actress: Sylvia Saint (Le Contrat des Anges - Video Marc Dorcel)[20]
  • Best American Pro-Am Series: The Voyeur - VMD
  • Best European Pro-Am Series: Euro Anal - Maeva
  • Best French Amateur Series: Le Fantasmotron - Luxor
  • Best New Actor: Titof
  • Best American Actor: Randy Spears, DMJ 6 Blue One
  • Best European Actor: Ian Scott - L'Emmerdeuse Dolly Golden, Les Tontons Tringleurs Blue One
  • Hot d'Or d'honneur: Ona Zee
  • Best European New Director: Gabriel Zéro - La Verité si tu bandes!, Lucy
  • Best American Director: Michael Ninn, Ritual Blue One
  • Best European Director: Fred Coppula - L'Emmerdeuse, Blue One
  • AVN d'Or - Best European Release in the US: Then Rocco Meats Kelly 2 - Rocco Siffredi & Evil Angel
  • Best DVD: La Ruée Vers Laure - VMD
  • Platinum Movie (Editors' Choice): Machos - Blue One
  • Best French Movie: Middle Budget La Soirée des Connes Patrice Cabanel, JTC
  • Best American Movie: Ritual - Michael Ninn, Blue One
  • Best European Movie: L'Emmerdeuse - Fred Coppula, Blue One[14]
10th Annual Hot d'Or (2001)

Award winners:

11th Hot d'Or (2009) for the 20th Anniversary of Hot Video magazine

The complete list of winners follows:[1]

Honorary Awards:[14]


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