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The hot foot is a prank where the prankster sets the victim's shoe laces or shoe on fire with a match or lighter.[1]

There are several other versions of the hot foot prank, but all involve using a source of flame near a victim's foot. Other versions of the prank involve using a cigarette on the victim's heel, placing a lit match between two bare toes on the victim, or sticking a book of matches to the victim's shoe with gum and lighting the matches.

The hot foot prank is mentioned in several baseball stories as a prank that players play on one another.[1][2][3] Bert Blyleven earned the nickname "Frying Dutchman" because of his love of this prank; during Blyleven's time with the Angels, the fire extinguisher in the Angel Stadium clubhouse featured a sign that said "In case of Blyleven: Pull." [4]

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