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Not to be confused with Operation HOTFOOT.

The hot foot is a prank where the prankster sets the victim's shoe laces or shoe on fire with a match or lighter.[1]

There are several other versions of the hot foot prank, but all involve using a source of flame near a victim's foot. Other versions of the prank involve using a cigarette on the victim's heel, placing a lit match between two bare toes on the victim, or sticking a book of matches to the victim's shoe with gum and lighting the matches.

The hot foot prank is mentioned in several baseball stories as a prank that players play on one another.[1][2][3] Bert Blyleven earned the nickname "Frying Dutchman" because of his love of this prank; during Blyleven's time with the Angels, the fire extinguisher in the Angel Stadium clubhouse featured a sign that said "In case of Blyleven: Pull." [4]

The "hot foot" was brought back by Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander when he played the prank on fellow Tiger Don Kelly in the 2011 season against the Minnesota Twins. This was mentioned in a recently aired episode of Conan.[5]

A well-publicized hot foot was performed by Adrian Gonzalez on his Dodgers teammate Scott Van Slyke during the 2014 season, with Vin Scully doing the narration.

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