Hot milk cake

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Hot milk cake
Place of originUnited States
Region or stateMid-Atlantic States
Main ingredientsFlour, milk, eggs

Hot milk cake is a traditional two-layer cake, possibly from the Mid-Atlantic United States. It has mocha-flavored icing, and is moist and delicate.[1]

It is served every year since 1991 at the Anne Arundel County Historical Society's annual Strawberry Festival at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.[2]

It is also a traditional quick one-layer cake served in the South, topped with fruit, powdered sugar icing, or boiled coconut.

Hot milk cake gets its distinctive flavor from the scalded milk that is the liquid component of the batter. It differs from traditional sponge cakes in that it contains baking powder as leavening, and the eggs are beaten together whole instead of whipped as yolks and whites separately.

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