Hota Station (Fukui)

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Hota Station
Hota Station
Prefecture Fukui
(See other stations in Fukui)
City Katsuyama
Neighborhood Hota, Shikadani-chō
Postal code 910-1303
Address in Japanese 福井県勝山市鹿谷町保田
Opened 1916
Rail services
Operator(s) Echizen Railway
Line(s) Katsuyama Eiheiji Line
There are no bus services at this station

Hota Station (保田駅 Hota-eki?) is an Echizen Railway Katsuyama Eiheiji Line railway station located in Katsuyama, Fukui Prefecture, Japan.


Only local trains serve Hota Station. One track serves a single platform, and the station is unstaffed.

Surrounding area[edit]

  • Since the station is nestled between hills to the south and the Kuzuryū River to the north, there are few structures of note. Two light industrial plants lie to the southeast.
  • Fukui Prefectural Route 168 passes to the north.


  • August 21, 1916: Station opens.
  • June 25, 2001: Operations halted due to accident on the Echizen Main Line.
  • October 19, 2003: Station reopens as an Echizen Railway station.

Adjacent stations[edit]

Coordinates: 36°04′11″N 136°27′06″E / 36.069857°N 136.451547°E / 36.069857; 136.451547