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The Hotak (Pashto: هوتک‎), or Hotaki (Pashto: هوتکي‎), are a tribe of the Ghilji confederacy of the Pashtun people.[1][2]


The Hotak started long ago as a political family. The first king to take power in Kandahar, Afghanistan, was Mirwais Hotak (1673–1715).[3] After his death many different Hotaks took the throne, such as Mahmud Hotak, Ashraf Hotak, and Hussain Hotak, eventually losing control. Many members of the Hotak tribe are still in politics, but there are only some direct descendants of Mirwais Hotak. In fact only three elder ones are still alive. Only one remains in Afghanistan, Bismillah. Bismillah, currently living in Afghanistan and once was working for the Afghan police. He then resigned when American troops invaded Afghanistan. Bismillah is living in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has two sons and a daughter. The other two are located in United States (Virginia and Connecticut). Reportedly, Abdul Q. Hotak is a direct descendant of Mirwais Hotak, the first king of Afghanistan. Abdul is the only Hotak still working for the government of Afghanistan as a diplomat. Abdul is currently living in Connecticut, and according to the census bureau and has seven children.

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