Hotan County

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Hotan County

和田县خوتەن ناھىيىسى
Dahongliutan valley
Location of Hotan County (red) in Hotan Prefecture (yellow) and Xinjiang
Location of Hotan County (red) in Hotan Prefecture (yellow) and Xinjiang
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Autonomous regionXinjiang
PrefectureHotan Prefecture
 • Total41,128 km2 (15,880 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Hotan County
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese和田县
Traditional Chinese和田縣
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese和阗县
Traditional Chinese和闐縣
Second alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese于窴县
Traditional Chinese於窴縣
Uyghur name
Uyghurخوتەن ناھىيىسى

Hotan County[1] is a county in the southwest of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and is under the administration of the Hotan Prefecture. The southernmost county-level division of Xinjiang, it contains an area of 41,128 km2 (15,880 sq mi). According to the 2002 census, it has a population of 270,000. India claims a portion of Hotan County as Aksai Chin.


  1. ^ The official spelling is "Hotan" according to Zhōngguó dìmínglù. 中国地名录. Beijing: SinoMaps Press. 1997. p. 304. ISBN 7-5031-1718-4.

Coordinates: 37°05′26″N 79°49′44″E / 37.09056°N 79.82889°E / 37.09056; 79.82889