Hotel Africa

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Hotel Africa
Hotel Africa is located in Liberia
Hotel Africa
Location within Liberia
General information
Location Virginia, Greater Monrovia District, Liberia
Coordinates 6°24′9″N 10°48′39″W / 6.40250°N 10.81083°W / 6.40250; -10.81083

Hotel Africa is a hotel on the western coast of Liberia in the northern Monrovia suburb of Virginia.

In 1979, the hotel, the largest in Liberia, hosted the Organisation of African Unity conference. The conference was led by President William R. Tolbert, Jr. who was the group's chair at the time, just months before he was overthrown by Samuel Doe.[1] During the Liberian Civil War, many pilots of Russian and Ukrainian origin stayed at the hotel.[2] In the 1980s the hotel was owned by British-Liberian businessman Michael Doe.[3] On 5 August, 1990, the INPFL kidnapped the manager Doe, two Lebanese, and two Liberians at the Hotel Africa, later murdering Michael Doe, throwing him off the 4th floor balcony.[4]

A South African consortium had plans to invest US$100 million to renovate the historic hotel in time for Liberia's hosting duties of an international women's colloquium in 2009.


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