Hotel Angel

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Hotel Angel
Hotel Angel DVD cover.jpg
The Thai DVD cover.
Directed by Chatrichalerm Yukol
Starring Viyada Umarin
Sorapong Chatree
Distributed by Mangpong
Release date
Country Thailand
Language Thai

Hotel Angel (Thai: เทพธิดาโรงแรม, or Theptida rong ram, also known as Angel) is a 1974 Thai drama film directed by Chatrichalerm Yukol, about a young woman (Viyada Umarin) who becomes involved in the sex trade in Bangkok.


Malee is a farm girl from Northern Thailand who decides to sneak away to Bangkok with her boyfriend, Chate, but shortly after arriving, Chate disappears and Malee finds herself held captive in a "love hotel". To pay for the room, she is forced to sleep with men. At first, she is horrified by what she must do, but after a time, she becomes resigned and accepts her situation as fate.

With her debt paid, she starts to earn money working as a prostitute, giving her the ability to buy new clothes and send money home to her father, telling him she is working as a seamstress. As Malee is taking her clothes off, her father is putting new windows on his house.

Malee gains a reputation in her community as a person to be relied upon to help break new girls in. One particularly hard case refuses to be accepting as Malee was, and despite Malee's advice continues to be rebellious and eventually commits suicide.

Even after the death of her charming pimp (Sorapong Chatree), Malee continues until one day she is able to become independent of the sex trade. The ending is ambiguous. After being chatted up by a man, she runs to a shop to buy jeans and a shirt. Having put on these new clothes, she throws her old working clothes away and walks away.


  • Viyada Umarin as Malee


A DVD of the film was released in Thailand on an all-region, PAL disc, with English language subtitles, by the Mangpong retail video chain.


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