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Coordinates: 50°6′33″N 14°23′36″E / 50.10917°N 14.39333°E / 50.10917; 14.39333

Hotel International
Dejvice - Hotel Crowne Plaza Prague.jpg
General information
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Construction started 1952
Completed 1954
Opening 1954
Owner Ihor Akivison
Antenna spire 88 m (289 ft)
Roof 67 m (220 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 16

Hotel International (formerly Hotel Družba, Hotel Čedok, Hotel Holiday Inn and Hotel Crowne Plaza) is the largest Socialist realism building in Prague, Czech Republic, and is located in the Dejvice district.

The building was built between 1952 and 1954 at the order of Defence minister Alexej Čepička. It is 88 m high (the roof is 67 m, plus a 10 m chalice and a 1.5 m red star) and has sixteen floors. Part of the building was a fallout shelter for 600 people, currently used as a staff clothes room.

Its original name "Družba" means "friendship" in Russian; its later names refer to the respective owners, namely the state-owned tourism agency Čedok (from 1957 on) and the Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza branches of InterContinental Hotels Group, which sold it in 2014 to the Austrian group Gerstner. Currently it is part of the Mozart Hotel Group.[1]

A huge tapestry in the lobby depicts an aerial view of Prague still complete with Stalinist landmarks, such as the Stalin Monument (the largest in the world, demolished in 1962) and the Monument to Soviet Tank Crews (abolished in 1991).

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