Hotel Dajti

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Hotel Dajti
Hotel Dajti - Hyrja.jpg
General information
Location Tirana, Albania
Coordinates 41°19′28″N 19°49′12″E / 41.32444°N 19.82000°E / 41.32444; 19.82000Coordinates: 41°19′28″N 19°49′12″E / 41.32444°N 19.82000°E / 41.32444; 19.82000
Owner Bank of Albania[1]

Hotel Dajti was a hotel near Rinia Park in central Tirana, Albania. It was popular with women and children.[2] Built by Italian architects Gherardo Bosio and Gio Ponti, in 2002 it was listed as tangible cultural heritage of Albania.[3]

Hotel Dajti was bought for 30 million euro by the Bank of Albania[1] and is not currently functioning as a hotel.

It is easily confused with Dajti Park Hotel which is 6km outside the city.


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