Hotel Indigo

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Hotel Indigo
Number of locations
112 hotels
Area served
United States, United Kingdom, China, Costa Rica, Thailand, Taiwan,Israel, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland, Germany, Canada, Belgium
ParentInterContinental Hotels Group

Hotel Indigo is a chain of boutique hotels, part of InterContinental Hotels Group. As of March 2020, there are 119 Hotel Indigo hotels featuring 14,679 rooms worldwide.[1]


The first Hotel Indigo opened in Atlanta, Georgia in October 2004[2] and a second location opened in the historic Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois in May 2005 (later going into foreclosure and re-branding as the Claridge House).[3] The brand's first non-US property debuted in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (which later went independent from the InterContinental brand).[4]

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