Hotel Jørgensen explosion

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Hotel Jørgensen bombing
Hotel Jørgensen bomb case Ørstedparken west entrance police cordoned of area 2010-09-10.jpg
Because of investigation, Ørstedsparken was closed by the police
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Date Friday 10 September 2010
1:23 p.m. (UTC+1)
Attack type
Bombing, terrorism, accident
Deaths 0
Non-fatal injuries
1 (the bomber)
Perpetrator Lors Doukaiev[1] (Chechnyan-Belgian[2])

The explosion at Hotel Jørgensen was a minor explosion inside of the discount hostel of the same name in central Copenhagen, Denmark. The explosion happened at 1:23 pm on 10 September 2010. No fatalities were recorded.[3] The only injured person was the one-legged Chechnyan-Belgian[2] bomber Lors Doukaiev, who was caught in a nearby park, Ørstedsparken, following the explosion, but only identified several days later.[4]

Considering that the bomber bought a bus ticket to Belgium with departure from Denmark on 10 September,[5] and he was seen at a post office buying a small box used for mailing CDs, as well as a roll of tape,[5] it is believed that it was not meant to be a suicide attack against the hostel, but rather an accident while making a letter bomb, which happened as a consequence of Doukaiev's use of a highly volatile explosive substance.

Lors Doukaiev was also seen in a video game shop, buying a game whose case he could have intended to use as a container for the bomb.[6]

The Danish police revealed a hypothesis regarding the purpose of the bomb. According to the police hypothesis, Lors Doukaiev constructed a letter bomb, which was meant to explode upon opening. The bomb would have the same effect as a fragmentation grenade.[6] It is speculated, that Jyllands-Posten in Århus would have been the target of said letter bomb.[6]

Despite Lors Doukaiev's continued claims of innocence, a unanimous panel of judges found him guilty of attempted terrorism,[7] and on May 31, 2011 he was sentenced to 12 years in prison.[8] In April 2013, he was extradited to Belgium.[9]


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