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The Hotel Majestic, decorated for Tết 2011.

The Hotel Majestic is a historic luxury hotel located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Built by local Chinese businessman Hui Bon Hoa in 1925 in a French Colonial and classical French Riviera styles.[1] Bon Hoa was one of the richest business men in southern Vietnam at the time. [2]

The original design of the hotel had three stories and 44 bedrooms. In 1948, Mathieu Franchini, head of the Indochina Tourism & Exhibition Department bought the ground and first floors of the hotel and rented 44 rooms in the building for the next 30 years. The hotel was expanded in 1965; two more stories were added based on the design of Vietnamese architect Ngo Viet Thu.[2]

It is located at 1 Dong Khoi Street, formerly rue Catinat. After 1975, the hotel name was changed to Mekong Hotel (Khách Sạn Cửu Long):[3] and it became a government guest house. It was recently renamed again to the original name, the six storey building is now a 5 star hotel overlooking the Saigon River. It is owned by the state-owned Saigon Tourist.

Saigon Tourist announced a 1.9 trillion VND expansion project of the Majestic Hotel in July 2011. It plans to construct two towers of 24 and 27 storeys within 3 years. The new complex will have a total 538 rooms, 353 of which will be hotel rooms.[4]


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