Hotel Metropole, Dublin

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The Hotel Metropole and the GPO before independence. Both The Hotel Metropole and the GPO were ruined in the Easter Rising
New Garda recruits march past the Met (and the GPO) in 1954

The Hotel Metropole (The Met) was a notable landmark in Dublin. It was located next to the General Post Office building in O'Connell Street. Originally four Georgian buildings, they were combined together to form a hotel by architect William M. Mitchell in 1891-93.

The building suffered badly during the Easter Rising. A neoclassical building, designed by Aubrey V. O'Rourke, was built out of the ruins - The Metropole - and this building included a cinema and a ballroom, as well as a couple of bars and a restaurant. The Met closed 11 March 1972 and the building was sold to British Home Stores who demolished it. The replacement was a modern block.[1][2]


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