Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf

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Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf
Hotel chain JAL Hotels
General information
Location Düsseldorf, Germany
Address Immermannstraße 41
Coordinates 51°13′22″N 6°47′20″E / 51.22278°N 6.78889°E / 51.22278; 6.78889
Opening 1978
Technical details
Floor count 11
Other information
Number of rooms 386
Number of suites 24
Number of restaurants 3
Japan Center Düsseldorf, including Hotel Nikko to the right

The Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf (ホテル・ニッコー・デュッセルドルフ, Hoteru Nikkō Dyusserudorufu) is a Japanese-owned hotel prominent in Düsseldorf sine 1978. Located in Stadtmitte, the hotel opened in 1978 in conjunction with the German-Japanese Center. It has undergone one major expansion in 2009 and recently renovated all rooms in the major wing. Also, a renovation of the spa and conference facilities is scheduled for summer 2013. At the present time the Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf is the biggest hotel located in the center of Düsseldorf with 386 rooms.[1] The hotel has restaurants on the premises.[2]

The Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf is part of the JAL Hotels International Group and Event Hotels.

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