Hotel Pez Espada

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Hotel Pez Espada
Hotel Pez Espada.jpg
Hotel Pez Espada is located in Andalusia
Hotel Pez Espada
General information
Location Torremolinos, Andalusia, Spain
Coordinates 36°36′22″N 4°30′28″W / 36.60611°N 4.50778°W / 36.60611; -4.50778Coordinates: 36°36′22″N 4°30′28″W / 36.60611°N 4.50778°W / 36.60611; -4.50778
Completed 1960

Hotel Pez Espada is a hotel in Torremolinos, Spain. Built in 1959-1960, it became a Bien de Interés Cultural in 2006, as the hotel is considered one of the pioneering hotels of the Costa del Sol tourist industry today.[1] It is located right on the beach, next to the 'La Carihuela' area noted for its seafood restaurants. The hotel has 192 guest rooms and 13 suites.


The hotel was built by the architects Manuel Muñoz Monasterio and Juan Jáuregui Briales in 1959-1960, who incorporated in its design the revisionist tendencies of the modern movement in those years, with the introduction of sets of colors, textures, wavy lines, etc.. The two grand staircases in the lobby set the appearance of the main facade, characterized by a semi-cylindrical body. On the upper floors, the rooms are distributed asymmetrically on both sides of the gallery. It underwent renovation in the late 1980s.[2]


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