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Hotel del Luna

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Hotel del Luna
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호텔 델루나
Revised RomanizationHotel delluna
Created byStudio Dragon
Written by
Directed byOh Chung-hwan
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes16
Executive producerKim Kyu-tae
Camera setupSingle camera
Running time73–94 minutes
Production companyGTist
Budget16–20 billion (US$13.5–16.9 million)[1]
Original release
ReleaseJuly 13 (2019-07-13) –
September 1, 2019 (2019-09-01)

Hotel del Luna (Korean호텔 델루나; RRHotel delluna) is a 2019 South Korean television series, starring Lee Ji-eun and Yeo Jin-goo as the owner and manager, respectively, of the eponymous hotel that caters only to ghosts. Produced by GTist, written by the Hong sisters and directed by Oh Chung-hwan, it aired on tvN from July 13 to September 1, 2019.[2][3][4]

It was the most-viewed tvN drama of 2019 and is one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in cable television history.[5]


"Hotel del Luna" (previously known as "Guest House of the Moon") is not like any other hotel. A supernatural place, the hotel is not visible in its true form during the daytime and humans can only come across the hotel under special circumstances. Its staff and clients are all ghosts coming to terms with unfinished business in their former lives before they pass on to the afterlife and cycle of reincarnation;[6] the staff, in particular, have been there for decades or centuries as they have not settled their grudges. The exception to this is the hotel's general manager, which has been filled by a succession of human "passersby" since they need to interact normally with the real world in certain instances, like paying bills or fulfilling ghosts' requests with still-living relatives/friends.

Jang Man-wol (Lee Ji-eun) is the owner of this hotel, which is located in Myeong-dong, Seoul. Due to a huge sin committed more than a millennium ago, the hotel catering to the dead has been bound to her soul.

As a result of manipulation by the deity Mago (Seo Yi-sook), Jang Man-wol meets Gu Chan-sung's father (Oh Ji-ho) and makes a deal: in exchange for his life, his son will work for her 20 years later.

Desperate to save his son, the father takes Gu Chan-sung (Yeo Jin-goo) abroad. The young man grows up to be a sincere, level-headed perfectionist with a soft heart. He comes back to South Korea after his father's death, 21 years later to be an assistant manager at a multi-national hotel corporation, only to face Jang Man-wol, after which he ends up fulfilling the agreement and becomes the manager of Hotel del Luna.[7]

Through Gu Chan-sung, the mysteries and the secrets behind the hotel and its owner are revealed.



Lee Ji-eun and Yeo Jin-goo during an interview for Hotel del Luna
The moody owner of Hotel del Luna (Guest House of the Moon). She was condemned to this fate in order to atone for the sins she committed 1,300 years ago. Alternating between being aloof and bad-tempered, she is known for her love of extravagant things, particularly luxurious outfits, fast cars, and expensive champagne.[9][10]
The new general manager of Hotel del Luna. He is a Harvard MBA graduate hired as an assistant manager at one of Korea's top hotels. However, due to a deal his father made with Jang Man-wol twenty-one years earlier, Chan-sung is forced to become the general manager of Hotel del Luna. Being stoic and rational puts him at odds with Man-wol, particularly curbing her spendthrift and extortionist tendencies.[12]


At the Hotel del Luna[edit]

The hotel's general manager for 30 years and Chan-sung's predecessor. He considers Man-wol as a sister, daughter and friend.
The longest employee of the hotel and the Sky Bar's bartender. Before his death, he was a Joseon scholar.
The housekeeper and room service provider with an extrovert personality. She lived during the Joseon era as a nobleman's wife.
The hotel receptionist. He is nice and polite but does not like his job. He was a student who died at the height of the Korean War.
A rich and arrogant student, whose body ends up being inhabited by the spirit of Jung Soo-jung, a schoolmate whom Yoo-na bullied and accidentally killed. When Yoo-na's spirit is destroyed, Soo-jung decides to remain inside Yoo-na's body and assume her identity.

People around Jang Man-wol[edit]

A Later Silla royal guard captain who becomes a friend of Man-wol and Yeon-woo.
The co-leader of the bandits and Man-wol's foster brother. He is reincarnated as police detective Park Young-soo.

People around Gu Chan-sung[edit]

Chan-sung's best friend since they were studying at Harvard. He is the son of a wealthy pizza franchise operator, running the restaurant in Seoul. He opens up his house to Chan-sung and Lee Mi-ra.
A Later Silla princess who was evil. After spending several centuries atoning for her sins, she is reincarnated as Lee Mi-ra, a doctor with a good personality and Chan-sung's ex-girlfriend from his university days.[15]
A rich young man and Chan-sung's schoolmate at Harvard. He holds a grudge against both Chan-sung and Sanchez. He is later revealed to be a psychopathic serial killer who murdered at least seven people, in which all of their souls became guests of Hotel Del Luna.

Other characters[edit]

A goddess who controls the life and death of people passing through the hotel and appears in many forms.
A spirit who guides the souls staying at the hotel to the afterlife and captures wandering evil spirits.
He is a soldier who runs away from war when the war breaks out.

Special appearances[edit]


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
116July 13, 2019 (2019-07-13)September 1, 2019 (2019-09-01)

Season 1 (2019)[edit]

No. in
Original air date
11July 13, 2019 (2019-07-13)

1300 years in the past, Jang Man-wol travels the wilderness escorting a cart bearing a coffin. She encounters an old woman and explains that she's seeking a guest house that comforts the souls of the dead. The old woman knows the place, and Jang demands that she tell her how to find it. The old woman says that only the dead can go there — like the ghosts she sees following Jang. The woman vanishes and a large dead tree appears. A windstorm suddenly blows up and the debris it carries assemble into a large guest house. From a distance, the old woman, who is the deity Mago, announces that the Guest House of the Moon has a new owner. Mago brings the coffin to the Inn, followed by a swarm of fireflies.

In 1998, a young Gu Chan-sung and his impoverished father meet Mago in the guise of a flower seller. In front of them, the body of a murdered police officer, Detective Lee, is pulled from the river. Her ghost finds its way to the guest house, now the luxurious Hotel del Luna. Jang Man-wol is still the proprieter, now prosperous, and with a taste for champagne and luxuries. Most of the staff are ghosts who for their own reasons have not moved on to the next world. Later, Chan-sung's father, fleeing the police, falls down stairs, and his ghost also finds its way to the hotel. Not realizing his circumstances, he wanders the hotel, looking for a place to hide and contemplating robbing it. He's caught in the garden by Jang, who returns him to the living in exchange for his son in twenty years. The tree has blossoms for the first time. Detective Lee explains to Jang that she's not ready to move on to the next world until the person responsible for killing her is brought to justice. She digs a bullet out of her head and gives it to Jang. Later, Jang walks into an award ceremony with an ornate rifle over her shoulder. Only the mayor can see her. She shoots him with the ghost bullet. He's not harmed, but he begins to see the ghost of Detective Lee whose death he had ordered.

In the present day, Gu Chan-sung returns to Korea with a degree in hotel management and a Harvard MBA. He takes a job at a top hotel, but Jang finds him and tells him to work for her instead. He resists. Later he sees the ghost of an eyeless woman who begins to pursue him. Jang shows up and rescues him. The mayor, now a homeless vagabond, recognizes Jang and stabs her. As she lies on the street, she tells Chan-sung that this is his chance to walk away and be rid of her. Instead, he comes back with a cart to take her to a hospital. She reveals that she's not actually hurt, and that the mayor was a vengeful ghost whom she then destroys.
22July 14, 2019 (2019-07-14)

Mago appears, giving flowers to the recently dead as they begin their journey to the next world. The eyeless woman resumes following Chan-sung. The ghost of a tiger is haunting the city. Chan-sung visits the hotel where he meets the staff, including Mr. Noh, the current manager who is retiring. Jang explains that the hotel needs a human manager to deal with the human world. Jang and Chan-sung investigate the tiger, which was brought to the city by Chairman Wang of the hotel where Chan-sung currently works. Wang is in poor health and haunted by nightmares of the tiger. Jang and Chan-sung visit him and Jang offers to rid him of the tiger in exchange for a valuable painting of Baekdu Mountain. Chan-sung is put off by her averice.

Chan-sung meets Noh again, and over tea Noh explains that working at the hotel is worth it. Chan-sung realizes that Noh has died and he has been talking to his ghost. Noh returns to the hotel one more time, as a guest. He says his good-byes to Jang and the staff, and departs for the next life.

The chairman gives the painting to Jang; she uses it to give the ghost of the tiger a home. Chan-sung, having overcome his fear of the eyeless woman, brings her to the hotel and shows her that she doesn't need to be blind any more. The next evening, he is attacked by another vengeful ghost and is saved by Jang.
33July 20, 2019 (2019-07-20)

In a flashback, Jang is the leader of a group of bandits. The band robs a caravan belonging to Princess Song-hwa. She meets Go Chung-myung, the captain of the guard and they form a connection. In various flashbacks throughout the series, we see them falling in love.

Jang and Mago talk in the garden. After Jang leaves, Mago touches the tree and it blossoms again. She places the blossoms on Chan-sung as he sleeps, and he dreams of Jang when she was happy. Jang shows him the rest of the hotel, and he decides to stay. She smiles and he knows for sure she's the woman from his dream.

A teenage girl, Jung Soo-jung, falls to her death from a bridge. Her ghost posesses the body of Kim Yoo-na, the girl who killed her in a fight over a necklace. Kim's ghost comes to Chan-sung looking for help gettng her body back. Later, he accosts Jung in Kim's body and gets her side of the story. Jang visits Kim's parents and sells them the necklace so they can destroy it and cover up the murder. She warns them that destroying the necklace will destroy their daughter's soul. Not understanding, they destroy the necklace anyway, and Kim's soul turns to ash. Jung continues to live in Kim's body and assumes her identity.

Chan-sung worries about the eventual fate of Jang's soul. He tells her of his dream, and she recognizes it as true. Chan-sung wonders if she's stayed at the hotel for so long because she's waiting for someone.
44July 21, 2019 (2019-07-21)

Chan-sung touches the tree and it leafs out to Jang's amazement. She remembers Mago telling her that when the tree comes back to life, time will start flowing for her again. She becomes upset. She orders Chan-sung to go to sleep again to have another dream. Chan-sung wonders if he might be the man from the dream.

A bakery is visited by the eyeless ghost, causing a brief panic. Chan-sung's roommate Sanchez buys the bread and brings it home to tell Chan-sung the story. The ghost has followed the bread, and Chan-sung converses with her in front of Sanchez. Now that she can see, she wants to look at a baker who was so kind to her in life, but she will only recognize him by touching his hands.

The staff sees the tree and become concerned that it means that Jang will leave soon, and that they too may be required to take the bus to the afterlife.

Chan-sung helps the ghost find the baker. Jang tells Chan-sung that he missed something important: the thing that ghosts remember best is how they died. The eyeless ghost remembers that the baker is the one who killed her in a hit-and-run accident. She gets onto his motorcycle intending revenge. Chan-sung saves the baker and convinces the ghost not to take revenge. She goes to the next life and Chan-sung sees to it that the baker goes to jail.

Jang and the staff plot to get rid of Chan-sung to stop the tree from blooming. They consider Kim Yoo-na for his replacement. They decide to send Chan-sung to visit the ghost in room 13, the sight of whom will drive him mad. At the last moment, Jang appears and kisses Chan-sung to keep him from looking at the ghost. The kiss lingers.
55July 27, 2019 (2019-07-27)

Jang orders Chan-sung to flee while she deals with the ghost. The ghost tricks Chan-sung into thinking Jang needs to be rescued and he rushes back in, allowing the ghost to escape. The staff realizes their plot has failed disasterously.

Kim Yoo-na and Ji Hyun-joong meet. He explains that she's being considered for the job of manager. They flirt and exchange phone numbers.

Chan-sung tells Jang about a dream where he saw her with Yeon-woo. They wonder briefly if Chan-sung might be the reincarnation of Yeon-woo, but decide he's not. Jang is sad as she remembers her time with Yeon-woo.

A grieving couple perform a ritual that will find a groom for their dead daughter Lee Su-min. They send a red pouch off under a paper sky lantern. Whoever finds it will be tied to the dead bride's ghost. The ghost of Su-min doesn't want this, but can't stop them. She comes to the hotel for help.

Jang realizes Su-min's family is wealthy and offers to host the wedding at their expense.

Chan-sung looks for the red pouch to prevent some innocent stranger from finding it. Jang realizes that if he finds it, he will be the groom and goes to stop him. She arranges for Sanchez to find it instead. Sanchez finds it and discovers a red string tied to his hand leading off into the distance. He sees Su-min's ghost and faints. Jang explains that once the wedding is held, Su-min will move on to the afterlife and Sanchez will be fine.

Chan-sung goes to Mago for advice and meets two of her sisters. They agree that the wedding should proceed, but suggest that another ghost could be substituted for Sanchez. Chan-sung begins the search for a suitable groom. Su-min doesn't like any of the choices and instead gives the bag to Chan-sung.

Just before the wedding, Chan-sung has a vision: Jang from 1300 years ago, wearing a red wedding dress, blood dripping from her fingertips.

The third Mago sister appears with a gift for the bride.

Jang sends Kim Yoo-na to find the original groom. Yoo-na finds him in a hospital waiting room, tells him about the upcoming wedding, and offers to help him stop it. She brings him to the hotel. Chan-sung hands him the red bag and the string now ties him to Su-min. The wedding begins.

Jang explains that when the wedding is finished, the man will die and go to the afterlife with her. We learn that the grieving couple were the groom's parents, not the bride's. They tried to arrange for the ghost wedding to prevent Su-min from taking their son with her to the afterlife. The son is actually in a hospital, dying, and it was his soul that came to the hotel.

At the last moment, Su-min calls a halt to the wedding so that the groom may live. The wedding gift from Mago turns out to be a pair of scissors that can cut the string. In the hospital, the groom wakes up, tears in his eyes.

Lee Mi-ra, Chan-sung's ex girlfriend shows up. She is the reincarnation of Princess Song-hwa.

Jang asks the Grim Reaper why Mago is helping Chan-sung, and he responds that Mago is helping her, adding that he will be the one to see her off.
66July 28, 2019 (2019-07-28)

The staff confer with the Grim Reaper over the escape of the ghost from room 13. The Grim Reaper says he will hold the hotel responsible if anything happens.

A man working late at the office receives a message that leads him to a spy-cam video of a woman in a bedroom. It is the ghost from room 13. She reaches through the screen and kills him. Later, she claims a second victim.

The ghost of a king arrives at the hotel and is given royal treatment. However Chan-sung becomes suspicious as nobody is entirely sure which king he was. The king turns out to be the actor Bang Tae-u, who died before he had the chance to play his greatest role. The actor who replaced him is not up to the part. Jang and Chan-sung arrange for Bang to briefly possess the younger actor, allowing him play the part perfectly, saving the younger actor's career and allowing Bang to move on to the next life.

Jang and Chan-sung have plans to go to the coast, but she learns that Chan-sung is having lunch with Mi-ra. We learn that Mi-ra and Chan-sung do not have a good relationship and that he is angry about their past. Chan-sung spots Kim Jun-hyun, a celebrity that Jang is a fan of, and gets an autograph for her. He calls her to confirm their trip to the coast and she tells him not to bother.

The next day, Chan-sung finds Jang sitting alone at the hotel beach and gives her the autograph. She's happy with his gift, and happy that he's there.
77August 3, 2019 (2019-08-03)

Kim Yoo-na encounters another of Mago's aspects, a stern woman in black, who intends to destroy her for inhabiting someone else's body. The Grim Reaper intervenes, explaining that Jang had given permission.

Jang and the staff discuss how to track the ghost from room 13. Meanwhile, the ghost claims a 3rd victim. Chan-sung interviews the sister of the ghost and discovers that she had died of shame after a sex video of her was distributed at college. The three victims are students who were behind the distribution of the sex video. The person who made the recording, Jeong Eun-seok, is now the CEO of a successful file-sharing site. Chan-sung and Jang confront him. Afterwards, Jang tells Chan-sung that there's no more to be done; Mago will take care of it now.

The ghost attacks Jeong but Mago in black intervenes, destroying the ghost. As the ghost's ashes ascend into the sky, Jang bears silent witness.

Jang invites Jeong to visit the hotel. Chan-sung shows him to room 13, which now looks like the room from the video. It is Jeong's room from college. Jeong wakes up in his car, stalled on railroad tracks. Jang is there. She forces him to remember what he did. A train comes. A moment later, he is alone in the car and the train is not there. Mago in black appears, and this time the train comes for real.

Out with Chan-sung, Jang sees Lee Mi-ra for the first time and recognizes her as the reincarnation of Princess Song-hwa.
88August 4, 2019 (2019-08-04)

In a flashback, Jang murders Song-hwa on the night of her wedding to Go Chung-myung.

Jang obtains Mi-ra's purse and finds a number of personal items including a photograph of a happy childhood memory.

Jang and Mago discuss Mi-ra. Mago urges Jang to just let her pass by, warning that to Jang, she may be an object of an unresolved grudge. Mago warns Jang not to harm Mi-ra.

Kim and Choe tell Chan-sung of Jang's connection to the hotel. She can never leave; wherever she goes, the Moon Tree will set down roots and there stands the Guest House of the Moon. Jang nearly became an evil ghost, but Mago brought her to the hotel. The hotel is both a prison and a fence as it keeps Jang safe.

Mi-ra recovers her purse, but the photo is missing.

On a high balcony, Jang and Chan-sung talk about the day. He says they should do nice things together, adding that the view is much better now that he's with her. He promises that no matter what, he will stay.

Jang invites Mi-ra to visit the hotel. There, Jang uses the photo to create an unhappy childhood memory with the intent of taking Mi-ra's happiness away. Chan-sung appears, and unable to get Jang to call off the curse, he takes it into himself to save Mi-ra. He collapses to the floor while Jang weeps, remembering his promise to never leave.

Jang sends Mi-ra home, unharmed and with no memory of what happened. She then burns the photo, releasing Chan-sung from the curse.

In a flashback, Jang and Go Chung-myung agree that they can never be together and depart, she to rejoin the bandits and he to marry Princess Song-hwa. The next day, he betrays them all and Jang is forced to watch her friends executed. Go tells her he had used her to find the bandits. Later, she escapes, murders Princess Song-hwa, and waits for Go in the Princess's wedding gown. He arrives and she reaches for her sword.

Chan-sung wakes up in his own bed, having been asleep for three days. Jang has left the Baekdu Mountain painting for him. Sanchez is concerned and asks if Jang is going somewhere. Chan-sung rushes back to the hotel only to find it gone.
99August 10, 2019 (2019-08-10)

Mr. Kim asks Jang if she's worried about going to the next life peacefully without Chan-sung to help. She replies that she'll never be allowed to leave peacefully and it's best that Chan-sung is not there when the time comes.

Yoo-na and Hyun-joong spot a ghost in the back of a car on the freeway, signaling for help. They follow the car into the woods and encounter several more ghosts. They realize that they've discovered a serial killer. The next day, police are at the site, uncovering bodies. One of the police investigators, Park Young-soo, is the reincarnation of Yeon-woo.

Chan-sung visits Mago and asks if she can help him find the hotel's new location. Instead, she offers him medicine which will take away his ability to see ghosts or the hotel. If he swallows it, he will be free of Jang and the hotel for good. He accepts the gift, but decides to think about it first.

Walking near the hotel's new location, Jang meets the guardian spirit of the local well. He shows interest in the hotel.

Chan-sung gets Jang on the phone and offers to come back. She hesitates, but refuses.

Chan-sung encounters the ghost of Chairman Wang who has recently died. Wang tells him that his company will pay a good price for the painting to use in a memorial. He expresses an interest in seeing the hotel. Chan-sung quickly agrees and follows Chairman Wang to find the hotel. Jang becomes angry when she finds out that the painting will fetch a good price with none of it going to her.

The guardian of the well appears at the hotel, and mistaking him for a ghost, Chan-sung invites him in. The village well dries up while the guardian refuses to leave the hotel, claiming that the villagers no longer care about the well, and he is unappreciated.

Sanchez and Mi-ra host a small school reunion. Seol Ji-won attends. He is the serial killer.

Jang asks Chan-sung why he came back. He tells her it's because she hesitated earlier when he offered to return. He knew that inside, she wanted him back.

Chan-sung solves the guardian's problem by bringing him to the spring in the garden at Chairman Wang's villa. Chan-sung throws the medicine into the spring too, to demonstrate his commitment to stay with Jang to the end.
1010August 11, 2019 (2019-08-11)

The guardian appears and returns the medicine. Chan-sung refuses it, so Jang takes it.

Chan-sung meets Chairman Wang's daughter and granddaughter. Chan-sung offers to let them write a letter to him which Chan-sung can deliver.

Mr. Kim and Wang decide that Chan-sung would make a good husband for Wang's granddaughter, and play matchmaker.

The third Mago sister plays matchmaker and arranges for Park Young-soo and Mi-ra to meet.

Chan-sung and the granddaughter begin to date and develop feelings for each other, but in the end Chan-sung tells her there's someone else.

Jang and Chan-sung investigate a ghost who is haunting the local library. Chan-sung discovers that it's his mother who had abandoned him as a baby. Jang brings Chan-sung's mother to the hotel and reinstates Chan-sung as manager so he can see her off to the next life. The hotel returns to its previous location.

Chan-sung and Jang meet in the garden. She admits that she wanted him to return. She wants him with her until she vanishes. He says he won't let that happen. He brushes a tear from her cheek and takes her in his arms. She returns the embrace. The tree blossoms.
1111August 17, 2019 (2019-08-17)

The staff see the tree and know they will have to leave soon. Later, a lone firefly is flying among the branches.

Young-soo and his team close in on the serial killer, but they have the wrong suspect. Yoo-na interviews the ghosts of the victims to attempt to track down the real killer. Meanwhile, Seol Ji-won is tracking Yoo-na.

Chan-sung meets Hwang Man-suk, a powerful politician. She asks him to take him to the hotel to meet with Jang. She explains that she was the manager of the hotel before Mr. Noh. The staff are thrilled to see her again. She asks Jang a favor: during a lunar eclipse, humans can see the hotel and see the ghosts inside if they enter. When Hwang was the manager, a newlywed couple came to the hotel to get out of the rain, and Jang let them stay the night. The child they conceived became successful and famous, and is now engaged to Hwang's daughter. Hwang would like them to stay in the hotel during the upcoming lunar eclipse for good luck. Jang agrees and the staff are excited to be having human guests.

Sanchez is looking forward to a visit from his girlfriend Veronica, and plans to propose when she arrives. He wants to propose at Hotel del Luna, but Chan-sung tells him it's not possible. On the night of the full moon, Veronica fails to appear, and Sanchez learns that she was in a serious accident. As Sanches rushes to leave, Chan-sung sees Veronica's ghost at the house. He convinces Sanchez to come to the hotel so he can see Veronica while the eclipse is still ongoing. They manage to say goodbye before the eclipse ends.

Yoo-na tracks Seol down and calls Chan-sung to tell him. He rushes to the location. Meanwhile, Jang encounters Mago in black who hints that Chan-sung is in danger, and tells Jang that her flowers will begin to fall when she becomes afraid. Blossoms begin to fall from the tree as Chan-sung finds himself face to face with Seol.
1212August 18, 2019 (2019-08-18)

Seol tries to kill Chan-sung and they struggle. Yoo-na returns to Seol's location to find it cordoned off with police tape. She calls the hotel and soon the hotel staff is frantic with the news that Chan-sung is dead. Chan-sung arrives in the lobby dazed but alive. Jang is shocked by how much she was worried. Chan-sung explains that he had alerted Park Young-soo before going, and Park had arrived just in time. Seol is in custody now. Jang returns from the pharmacy stocked up on first aid and tends to Chan-sung's injuries. She admits how worried she was.

Jang tells the story of how she was a young child dying in the wilderness and was found by a passing merchant. She was then taken in by Yeon-woo's mother and they grew up as brother and sister. She says she's never talked about her past before, and adds that maybe it's time for the flowers to fall.

Seol escapes and makes his way to the roof. Chan-sung goes up to speak to him. Seol jumps from the roof and immediately becomes an evil ghost so powerful that even Jang cannot destroy him.

Mago and the Grim Reaper contemplate the Moon Tree. Mago says that when the flowers fall, Jang can finally go to the afterlife, as well as the person who remained as a small light. We see the firefly flitting among the branches. They reveal that the firefly is Go Chung-myung, who turned back when Mago was escorting him to the afterlife and chose to remain behind to keep a promise to Jang.

In flashbacks, we learn that Go betrayed Jang and the bandits because it was the only way to save her life.

Sanchez returns from Veronica's funeral, not coping very well. Chan-sung is also having trouble coping with Sanchez's grief. Jang reminds him that he will have to be the one who sends her off, and if he can't tell her he'll be ok when the time comes, she'll be too scared. He tells her that he knows this is the price he will have to pay for staying by her side.

Jang tells Chan-sung that the flowers are falling and she's scared. The petals vanish before they reach the ground and she's afraid she too will vanish without a trace. He tells her he loves her. They kiss. Petals begin landing on the ground.
1313August 24, 2019 (2019-08-24)

A guest arrives at the hotel, and Ms. Choe recognizes him as the last descendant of the Yeongju Yun family. With his death, the family line is now finished. Her 200-year wait is over. Choe attends the funeral, but then a pregnant woman, Su-jin, arrives and Choe realizes the family line may not have ended after all.

Jang tells Chan-sung that as the dead cross the bridge to the next world, they lose their memories of their previous life one by one. She promises Chan-sung that she will remember him until the last step.

In the garden, the firefly waits in the tree. Chan-sung asks Jang if she is still waiting for Go Chung-myung to return. In flashbacks, we see the firefly staying near Jang over the centuries.

Su-jin begins to have a miscarriage. Her boyfriend's ghost begs Choe to get help, but she realizes that by standing by and doing nothing, she can see the Yun family finally ended. Jang suggests she go and watch. Upon seeing Su-jin's suffering, Choe's heart softens and she gets help. Later, she tells Chan-sung the story of how she and her daughter were cast out of the family and murdered for not bearing a son. As she died, she cursed the Yun family to die out. By saving Su-jin's child, she prevented the family from ending.

Jang is shocked to discover that Lee Mi-Ra and Park Young-soo are dating — someone she hated and someone she cared for. In a flashback, we see a sword fight between Jang and Go. At the end, she is unable to bring herself to kill him so he throws himself on her sword. He strokes her hair as he dies.

Choe asks Hyun-joong when he intends to tell Yoo-na that when his baby sister — now an old woman — dies, he intends to go to the afterlife with her.

Looking for a lost child, Chan-sung runs into the tunnel that leads to the afterlife and becomes lost. The firefly appears and takes the form of Go. Later, Chan-sung comes back out of the tunnel in a daze. Jang runs into his arms and he strokes her hair exactly as Go had done. Jang steps back, stares at him, and asks "Who … are you?"
1414August 25, 2019 (2019-08-25)

In a Flashback, Go Chung-myung saves the bandits' possessions from being burned and has them collected in a coffin instead.

Chan-sung snaps out of his daze and asks Jang who was that man? They both wonder if Chan-sung is the reincarnation of Go. Chan-sung tells Jang of his latest dream, in which he saw Go waiting for her by the lake.

Yoo-na encounters Hyun-joong's sister in the hospital and chats with her. An older man arrives and identifies himself as Hyun-joong, her brother, and Yoo-na becomes confused. She says that she thought Hyun-joong died, and the old man becomes rattled. Hyun-joong whisks her away.

Ms Choe speaks with Chan-sung. She realizes that Chan-sung has brought people to Jang from past lives. She asks if Chan-sung is someone who knew Jang in a past life, but Chan-sung says no. Choe wonders why Mago chose Chan-sung.

Mago asks Jang if she will let Go pass by, adding that he's already here, by her side. Jang asks if Chan-sung is Go. Mago refuses to answer, but asks if he is, will Jang see him as the man she hates and vanish, or the man she loves and be saved? Mago gives Jang the ornament that Go had made for her but never was able to give her. It is covered in Go's blood and is ill-omened.

Chan-sung asks the Grim Reaper who the first guest of the hotel was. The Grim Reaper answers only that he has not yet escorted that guest to the afterlife.

Jang gives the ornament to Seol Ji-won's ghost, making him more powerful. She explains to Chan-sung and the Grim Reaper that she knows that Chan-sung is the reincarnation of Go, and since she can't bring herself to kill him, she will let Seol do it instead. She accepts that this will mean her destruction. She returns to the hotel and barricades herself in the garden. Mago in black appears.

Chan-sung goes to the second Mago sister to ask if it's really true that he is Go. She tells him no, and shows him the firefly, now trapped in a jar. She adds that he was the first guest at the Guest House of the Moon.

Chan-sung recovers the ornament from Seol and the Grim Reaper finally catches Seol. Chan-sung arrives in the garden in time to prevent Mago from destroying Jang.

Choe brings Seol to meet the ghosts of the people he murdered. She stands outside the door and his screams can be heard from inside.

Jang invites Lee Mi-ra and Park Young-soo to the hotel and Mr. Kim serves them drinks that will allow them to remember their past lives.

Mi-ra remembers herself as Princess Song-hwa telling Go that her father suspects him of being in league with the rebels and that he and everyone he knows will be executed. But if he captures the bandits, her father will no longer suspect him.

Park remembers his life as Yeon-woo and the day Go captured him. Go explains that he's doing this to save as many lives as he can from being executed. Yeon-woo tells Go to save Jang and to never tell her the truth.

In the garden, Mago tells Jang that Go was the first guest of the hotel and has always been there. Jang is not the only one who has been paying for her sins.

In a flashback, Jang swears to Go that she will kill him at all costs. He replies that to do that, she will have to stay alive. Later, he watches in shame as the bandits are executed.

Jang speaks Go Chung-myung's name for the first time in 1300 years, and he appears. They talk briefly. Jang says she has finally emptied herself, and there is no more need for him to stay. The ornament turns to ash, and Go becomes a firefly again. Mago tells Jang that she needs to send Go off to the afterlife; that will be her last punishment.

Hyun-joong finally tells Yoo-na that he will be leaving soon, once his sister dies.

Jang takes the limo to the afterlife with Go to see him off. She asks Chan-sung to wait for her.

A month later, life at the hotel continues normally, but Jang has not returned and the tree is dead once again. Hyun-joong speculates that this means she won't be coming back. The staff tells the Grim Reaper that they want Jang back. They're sure she won't leave Chan-sung behind. The Grim Reaper tells them that if she has set foot on the bridge to the afterlife, she might not remember him any more. We see Jang and Go slowly walking across the bridge together. She stops, he reaches out his hand to her, but she turns around and heads back.
1515August 31, 2019 (2019-08-31)

Mago's pharmacist aspect brews the wine that will be given to the next owner of the hotel. One key ingredient is missing. Mago sends Chan-sung 200 years into the past to retrieve it, warning him not to eat or drink anything there or he won't be able to return. Knowing that he might be able to see Jang again, and missing her badly, he agrees to go.

Chan-sung goes to the Joseon dynasty and visits "Man-wol Inn" and meets Jang and the staff. Jang has a gambling addiction. As punishment, the Mago who brings poverty visits every day and now Jang is nearly broke. The staff hopes that Chan-sung has come to be the new human steward. Chan-sung challenges Mago to a game of Go; if he wins, Mago will leave. Chan-sung wins, Mago leaves, and Chan-sung makes Jang sign a pledge to never gamble again. She invites him to stay on as steward. He seriously considers it as it will mean staying by her side, but in the end tells her he must go back to wait for someone he loves.

He returns and is greeted with the news that Jang has come back.

In a flashback, Hyun-joong is killed during the war by his best friend, Tae-seok. In remorse, Tae-seok takes on the responsibility of caring for Hyun-joong's sister and takes Hyun-joong's identity. Tae-seok becomes a respected doctor and does many good deeds in Hyun-joong's name.

The ghost of an author comes to the hotel. From him, Mr. Kim learns of a book about to be published about a scholar during the Joseon dynasty who was disgraced for writing lewd literature. Kim realizes that the book is about him.

Yoo-na steals the wine from Mago's pharmacy and asks Jang to drink it so she will remain the owner of the hotel and stay. After discussing it with Chan-sung, Jang decides not to drink it. She and Chan-sung confess their love for each other.
1616September 1, 2019 (2019-09-01)

In a flashback, we see Jang Man-wol as a small child, lost and on the verge of death in the woods. The Grim Reaper appears, and then Mago, who convinces him to give the child a bit more time. A passing merchant and his small son pass by. The son spots Jang and convinces his father to rescue her. The boy is Chan-sung in a previous life.

Mr. Kim nearly leaves for the afterlife due to his humiliation.

Mago tells Jang that the Guest House of the Moon will shut down at the next full moon.

Jang and Chan-sung prevent the book from being published and asks Kim to explain what really happened. Kim relates the story of his life in a small village. When not studying, he watched the lives of the local villagers. To pass the time, he wrote stories based on what he saw on the streets. Jang and Chan-sung are shocked to recognize the stories as some of the greatest literature in Korea; their unknown author being compared to Shakespeare. They are amazed to learn that Kim was the author. Unfortunately, writing stories about commoners was considered vulgar in his time and he died in disgrace.

Jang and Chan-sung convince the author to re-write the book to portray Kim as the author of the famous stories.

With the new book published, Kim announces that he's ready to go on to the afterlife and says his good-byes. After he leaves, Jang's reserve breaks and she sobs at her desk.

Choe meets Su-jin. Su-jin tells Choe that she intends to give the baby her own surname, not Yeongju Yun. Choe realizes that this means the family has finally ended.

Hyun-joong's sister dies. Hyun-joong brings her to the hotel and then they leave for the afterlife together. He has a last tearful goodbye with Yoo-na.

With the last guest gone, Choe also leaves for the afterlife.

Chan-sung asks Mago why she chose him. She responds that there is one last dream for him.

Jang walks the empty hotel one last time. She and Chan-sung spend one last evening together. They agree to meet again in their next lives no matter what. She leaves for the afterlife alone. Piece by piece, the hotel fades from existence.

The next winter, Chan-sung meets Yoo-na to catch up. She thanks him for the medicine he gave her so she no longer sees ghosts. She asks if he took the medicine too, but he doesn't answer.

Epilog: in another life, Kim, Choe, and Hyun-joong cross paths in a park, unaware that they knew each other in the past. Gu Chan-sung and Jang Man-wol are a happy couple.

Original soundtrack[edit]

Hotel del Luna OST
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
Original Soundtrack (Parts 1–13 + Special soundtrack)

Part 1

Released on July 14, 2019 (2019-07-14)[26]
1."Another Day"
  • Ji Hoon
  • Park Se-jun
  • Noheul
  • A10tion
2."Another Day" (Inst.) 
  • Noheul
  • A10tion
Total length:7:16

Part 2

Released on July 20, 2019 (2019-07-20)[27]
1."Lean On My Shoulders" (나의 어깨에 기대어요)
  • Ji Hoon
  • Park Se-jun
  • Lee Seung-joo
  • Choi In-hwan
2."Lean On My Shoulders" (Inst.) 
  • Lee Seung-joo
  • Choi In-hwan
Total length:7:02

Part 3

Released on July 21, 2019 (2019-07-21)[28]
1."All About You" (그대라는 시)
  • Ji Hoon
  • Park Se-jun
2."All About You" (Inst.) minGtion 3:30
Total length:7:00

Part 4

Released on July 27, 2019 (2019-07-27)[29]
1."Only You" (너만 너만 너만)
  • Ji Hoon
  • Park Se-jun
  • Yoda
  • Kim Se-jin
  • Midnight
Yang Da-il4:15
2."Only You" (Inst.) 
  • Kim Se-jin
  • Midnight
Total length:8:30

Part 5

Released on July 28, 2019 (2019-07-28)[30]
1."Can You See My Heart" (내 맘을 볼수 있나요)
  • Ji Hoon
  • Park Se-jun
  • Yoda
  • Choi In-hwan
  • Lee Seung-joo
2."Can You See My Heart" (Inst.) 
  • Choi In-hwan
  • Lee Seung-joo
Total length:7:32

Part 6

Released on August 3, 2019 (2019-08-03)[31]
1."At The End Of You" (그 끝에 그대)
  • Ji Hoon
  • Park Se-jun
  • Noheul
  • A10tion
2."At The End Of You" (Inst.) 
  • Noheul
  • A10tion
Total length:7:30

Part 7

Released on August 4, 2019 (2019-08-04)[32]
1."Remember All My Days And Then" (기억해줘요 내 모든 날과 그때를)
  • Ji Hoon
  • Park Se-jun
2."Remember All My Days And Then" (Inst.) 
  • Kangaroo
  • Rocoberry
Total length:7:38

Part 8

Released on August 10, 2019 (2019-08-10)[33]
1."See the Stars" (어떤 별보다)
  • Ji Hoon
  • Park Se-jun
  • Yoo Song-yeon
  • Jay Lee
Red Velvet3:51
2."See the Stars" (Inst.) 
  • Yoo Song-yeon
  • Jay Lee
Total length:7:42

Part 9

Released on August 11, 2019 (2019-08-11)[34]
1."Can You Hear My Voice" (내 목소리 들리니)
  • Ji Hoon
  • Park Se-jun
2."Can You Hear My Voice" (Inst.) Rocoberry 4:32
Total length:9:04

Part 10

Released on August 12, 2019 (2019-08-12)[35]
1."So Long" (안녕)
Paul Kim3:46
2."So Long" (Inst.)  3:46
Total length:7:32

Part 11

Released on August 17, 2019 (2019-08-17)[36]
1."Say Goodbye"
  • Ji Hoon
  • Park Se-jun
  • Ahn Young-min
  • Lee Seung-joo
Song Ha-ye3:05
2."Say Goodbye" (Inst.) 
  • Ahn Young-min
  • Lee Seung-joo
Total length:6:10

Part 12

Released on August 18, 2019 (2019-08-18)
1."Done For Me"Ji HoonLee Seung-jooPunch3:52
2."Done For Me" (Inst.) Lee Seung-joo 3:52
Total length:7:44

Part 13

Released on August 24, 2019 (2019-08-24)
1."Love del Luna" (러브 델루나)Ji Hoon, Park Se-jun, Peter PanA10TIONTaeyong, Punch4:28
2."Love del Luna" (Inst.) A10TION 4:28
Total length:8:56

Special soundtrack

Released on (N/A)[37]
1."Happy Ending"Lee Ji-eun (IU)Kim Je-hwiLee Ji-eun (IU)2:36
Total length:2:36

Chart performance[edit]

Title Year Peak
Remarks Ref.
"Another Day" (Monday Kiz and Punch) 2019 20 Part 1 [38]
"Lean On My Shoulders" (나의 어깨에 기대어요) (10cm) 13 Part 2 [38]
"All About You" (그대라는 시) (Taeyeon) 1 Part 3 [39]
"Only You" (너만 너만 너만) (Yang Da-il) 33 Part 4 [40]
"Can You See My Heart" (내 맘을 볼 수 있나요) (Heize) 2 Part 5 [40]
"At the End" (그 끝에 그대) (Chungha) 18 Part 6 [41]
"Remember Me" (기억해줘요 내 모든 날과 그때를) (Gummy) 1 Part 7 [41]
"See the Stars" (어떤 별보다) (Red Velvet) 50 Part 8 [42]
"Can You Hear Me" (내 목소리 들리니) (Ben) 3 Part 9 [41]
"So Long" (안녕) (Paul Kim) 1 Part 10 [41]
"Say Goodbye" (Song Ha-ye) 22 Part 11 [38]
"Done for Me" (Punch) 1 Part 12 [38]
"Love del Luna" (러브 델루나) (Taeyong & Punch) 46 Part 13 [43]
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that region.


This series aired on tvN, a cable channel/pay TV which normally has a relatively smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC and EBS). It was the most viewed tvN drama of 2019, and is currently the twenty-sixth highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history.[5]

Hotel del Luna : South Korea viewers per episode (millions)
SeasonEpisode numberAverage
Source: Audience measurement performed nationwide by Nielsen Media Research.[44]
Average TV viewership ratings
Ep. Original broadcast date Average audience share
(Nielsen Korea)[45]
Nationwide Seoul
1 July 13, 2019 7.327% (1st) 7.749% (1st)
2 July 14, 2019 7.633% (1st) 8.857% (1st)
3 July 20, 2019 8.281% (1st) 9.478% (1st)
4 July 21, 2019 7.736% (1st) 9.024% (1st)
5 July 27, 2019 7.023% (1st) 7.883% (1st)
6 July 28, 2019 8.701% (1st) 9.949% (1st)
7 August 3, 2019 8.052% (1st) 8.772% (1st)
8 August 4, 2019 9.131% (1st) 10.469% (1st)
9 August 10, 2019 8.349% (1st) 10.266% (1st)
10 August 11, 2019 10.009% (1st) 11.779% (1st)
11 August 17, 2019 8.590% (1st) 9.746% (1st)
12 August 18, 2019 10.407% (1st) 12.178% (1st)
13 August 24, 2019 8.750% (1st) 9.892% (1st)
14 August 25, 2019 9.995% (1st) 11.986% (1st)
15 August 31, 2019 9.892% (1st) 11.255% (1st)
16 September 1, 2019 12.001% (1st) 13.875% (1st)
Average 8.867% 10.197%
  • In the table above, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2019 12th Korea Drama Awards Best Original Soundtrack "All About You" (Taeyeon) Nominated [46]
Lifetime Achievement Award Jung Dong-hwan Won [47]
21st Mnet Asian Music Awards Best OST "Remember Me" (Gummy) Won [48]
"So Long" (Paul Kim) Nominated
2nd Asian Academy Creative Awards Best Drama Series Hotel del Luna Nominated [49]
11th Melon Music Awards Best OST "Remember Me" (Gummy) Won [50]
2020 34th Golden Disc Awards Best OST "Remember Me" (Gummy) Won [51]
29th Seoul Music Awards OST Award "All About You" (Taeyeon) Won [52]
"Lean on Me" (10cm) Nominated
"Can You See My Heart?" (Heize) Nominated
"Remember Me" (Gummy) Nominated
"So Long" (Paul Kim) Nominated
56th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Actress (TV) Lee Ji-eun (IU) Nominated [53]


US remake[edit]

On June 24, 2020, Studio Dragon announced that it would co-produce an American remake of Hotel del Luna with Skydance. Alison Schapker will be in charge of developing and producing the series. She will be working with Miky Lee, Jinnie Choi and Hyun Park of Studio Dragon, and David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Bill Bost of Skydance Television.[54][55] So far, no channel has picked up the idea of a US remake.

Korean musical[edit]

On January 27, 2021, the theater company Showplay announced that Hotel del Luna was adapted into a stage musical that premiered in 2022.[56]


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