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Like every other large city, Moscow has many hotels rated from 2 to 5 stars. Several large hotel chains are present in Moscow, including Sheraton, Marriott and Radisson.[1]

In 2010 there were 267 hotels in Moscow. The city plans to increase the number of hotels to 535 in 2020.[2]

Moscow hotel prices are usually very high, so that they tend to be half-empty even during peak holiday season.[3] It has been suggested that low occupancy rates are due to a sharp decline in global travel since the global recession that started in 2007,[3] and that Moscow authorities have demolished many Soviet-era mid-priced hotels to make room for expensive 5-star ones.[3]

In order to deal with high prices, numerous other options are available on the market, including hostels[4] and short-term apartment rental.[5]


List of 5-star hotels in Moscow[edit]

Other notable hotels[edit]

Cosmos Hotel in Moscow
Cosmos hotel in Moscow with statue of Charles de Gaulle in front of it


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