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Hot man manga.JPG
Hotman manga volume #1
Genre Drama, Family
Written by Sho Kitagawa
Published by Shueisha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Jump
Original run 19941997
Volumes 15
Television drama
Directed by Satoru Nakajima
Original network TBS
Original run April 3, 2003June 19, 2003
Episodes 11
Television drama
Hotman 2
Directed by Masakazu Eguchi
Original network TBS
Original run October 21, 2004December 23, 2004
Episodes 12
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Hotman (ホットマン?, Hottoman) is a Japanese manga by Sho Kitagawa which was serialized in Young Jump magazine from 1994 to 1997. The main character is inspired by Jean Reno and the characters he has played. The manga has 15 volumes and after great success as a manga, has been transferred to a television series which has completed its second season. Hotman was aired 2003 and Hotman 2 was aired 2004 in Japan by TBS.

TV series[edit]

Takashi Sorimachi plays a school art teacher Enzo Furiya (降矢円造) who takes care of his 5-year-old daughter Nanami Furiya of whom he has no idea who her mother is. He also lives with his four siblings whose fathers are all different. Enzo’s daughter suffers from severe atopic dermatitis, so he throws himself into managing her diet to alleviate her condition. He is so determined to raise the little daughter well, he doesn’t appear to have any spare time for a girlfriend. And yet Enzo finds himself drawn to Misuzu Kaneko (played by Akiko Yada), a health teacher at his school. Enzo pursues life passionately for his little girl and his family. This is a story about how desperately Enzo tries to hold his family together in spite of all the hardships.


Hotman 2[edit]

The second season starts with all the family members segregated and then they meet again and begin to make a family. Enzo Furuya returns to help his family once again. Enzo transfers to a primary school in a small seaside town in hopes to improve Nanami's allergies. The eldest sister Shima opened a natural foods store, Hinata took a job as a nurse while Haiji and Ryunosuke set out on their own.

One day, Shima visits Enzo but seems a bit perturbed. Enzo goes back to Tokyo to find out what's wrong only to discover that the house is up for sale and that Shima's food store failed. Enzo decides to help Shima by finding a way for the family to live together again.


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