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Hotokegaura (仏ヶ浦)
Protected Area
typical rock formations at Hotokegaura
Country Japan
Prefecture Aomori Prefecture
District Shimokita
Village Sai
Coordinates 41°18′43.9″N 140°48′18.4″E / 41.312194°N 140.805111°E / 41.312194; 140.805111
Place of Scenic Beauty
Natural Monument of Japan
April 23, 1941
IUCN category III - Natural Monument
Hotoke-ga-ura is located in Aomori Prefecture
Location of Hotokegaura
Hotoke-ga-ura is located in Japan
Location of Hotokegaura

Hotokegaura (仏ヶ浦 also 仏宇多 Hotoke-ga-ura?) is a series of rock formations along the sea cliffs on the west coast of Shimokita Peninsula at the entrance to Mutsu Bay in far northern Japan. These natural formations are made from green volcanic tuff, with a height of approximately 90 metres (300 ft) and extend for a 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) stretch of coastline in the village of Sai, Aomori Prefecture. Individual features have been named for figures in Buddhist theology, and were popularised by the poet and mountaineer Omachi Keigetsu (1869-1925) after his visit in September 1922, although the area had been well-known since the Edo period at part of the pilgrimage route to Mount Osore.

These rock formations were designed a Natural Monument of Aomori Prefecture in 1934, and became further protected from April 23, 1941 as a nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty and Natural Monument,[1][2] From 1968, the rock formations were also located within the borders of the Shimokita Hantō Quasi-National Park.

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