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Banque Hottinger & Cie SA
Industry Private Banking
Founded 1968 (1786, foundation of the bank in Paris)
Founder Hans-Konrad Hottinger
Headquarters Geneva, Zurich, Switzerland
the Hottinger Family Swiss Coat of Arm
The balcony of the Cercle de la rue Royale in Paris by Tissot. Baron Rodolphe Hottinguer is in the picture, sitting on the sofa, without hat.

Banque Hottinger & Cie SA, is a Swiss private bank headquartered in Zurich that is the successors of the banking firm established in Paris by Hans-Konrad Hottinger (under the name of Banque Hottinguer).

Since its foundation in 1786 Banque Hottinguer has been very active in European economic life. For example, it took part in the creation of Compagnie Générale des Eaux, as well as that of the Insurance company Drouot (at the origin of the group AXA).

Banque Hottinguer in France was sold to Credit Suisse in 1997. Banque Hottinger & Cie SA in Switzerland continued its activities independently. On Oct 26th 2015 the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has initiated bankruptcy proceedings against the Hottinger & Cie private bank for failing to meet the minimum capital requirement under regulatory law.

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  • Messieurs Hottinguer Banquiers à Paris, Max Gérard, 1968, Tome Premier

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