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Hougham railway station is a former railway station in Hougham, Lincolnshire.[1] The station was about a mile east of the village of Hougham itself and was part of the Great Northern Railway.[2] The station was opened on 1 August 1855.[3]

The closure of the station was announced on 17 August 1957 by the British Transport Commission, who confirmed that the station would be declared 'uneconomic' and passenger train services were withdrawn on 16 September 1957 as well as Claypole.[4]

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Line open, station closed
  Great Northern Railway
East Coast Main Line
Line open, station closed


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Coordinates: 52°59′29″N 0°39′30″W / 52.9913°N 0.6584°W / 52.9913; -0.6584