Houlong, Miaoli

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Coordinates: 24°37′N 120°47′E / 24.617°N 120.783°E / 24.617; 120.783

Houlong Township in Miaoli County
Houlong Township

Houlong Township (Chinese: 後龍鎮; pinyin: Hòulóng Zhèn) is an urban township in western Miaoli County, Taiwan. It is surrounded by the Taiwan Strait on the west and Zaoqiao Township on the east.[1]


The township's name originates from that of a Taiwanese Plains Aborigines' settlement. During the Kingdom of Tungning, the place was called Aulangsia (Chinese: 後壠社). Other variants of Aulang existed (Chinese: 凹浪/後壟; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Āu-lâng).[2] In 1920, the place was renamed Kōryū Village (Japanese: 後龍庄), under Chikunan District (竹南郡), Shinchiku Prefecture.


  • Area: 75.81 square kilometres (29.27 sq mi)
  • Population: 37,228 (January 2017 estimate)[3]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 23 villages: Beilong, Dashan, Dazhuang, Fengfu, Funing, Fuxing, Haibao, Haipu, Jiaoyi, Longjin, Longkeng, Nangang, Nanlong, Puding, Shuiwei, Tungming, Waipu, Wanbao, Xinmin, Xiushui, Xizhou, Zhonghe and Zhonglong.


Tourist attractions[edit]


Houlong Township is accessible from Dashan Station, Houlong Station, Longgang Station and Fengfu Station of the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA). Taiwan High Speed Rail has one station in the township, which is Miaoli Station.

Notable natives[edit]


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