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This article is about the 1989 Clannad song. For other uses, see Hourglass (disambiguation).
"Hourglass / Theme from Harry's Game"
Single by Clannad
Released 1989
Recorded Windmill Studios, Dublin, Ireland
Genre Pop rock, New-age

4:22 [Unedited]

3:55 [Radio Edit]
Label RCA Records
Writer(s) Pól Brennan, Ciarán Brennan
Producer(s) Steve Nye
Clannad singles chronology
"In a Lifetime"


"Hourglass / Theme from Harry's Game"


"A Dream in the Night"


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"Hourglass / Theme from Harry's Game" is a double A-side single by Irish musical group Clannad. It was released in 1989 to promote their best-of Past Present. This is the band's only single to feature a lead song that doesn't appear on any album, and the band's only double A-side single to date. Two promotional videos were produced to accompany the single, one for each of the lead songs, "Hourglass" directed by Tim Morris & Pól Brennan, and "Theme from Harry's Game" by Billy Magra.[1]

Track listing[edit]

7" vinyl & cassette
  1. "Hourglass"
  2. "Theme from Harry's Game"
3" compact disc
  1. "Theme from Harry's Game"
  2. "Hourglass"
12" vinyl
  1. "Hourglass"
  2. "Theme from Harry's Game"
  3. "World of Difference"
5" compact disc
  1. "Hourglass"
  2. "Theme from Harry's Game"
  3. "World of Difference"
  4. "Journey's End"


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