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Housatonic Area Regional Transit
HART logos.svg
Danburyhart 203.jpg
New logo on top, old logo on bottom
A 2014 Gillig BRT Diesel operating on Route 5 to Bethel Center in Danbury.
Parent Housatonic Area Regional Transit
Founded 1972
Headquarters 62 Federal Road
Danbury, CT 06810
Service area Danbury, CT, and surrounding areas
Service type Local and shuttle bus service
Routes 15
Fleet 28 fixed route
34 paratransit[1]
(2009 figures)
Daily ridership 3,378 (weekday)
1,539 (Saturday)
458 (Sunday)[1]
Operator HARTransit
Chief executive Eric Bergstraesser (CEO)
Website Official Website

Housatonic Area Regional Transit, known popularly as HARTransit (formerly as HART), is the provider of public transportation for Danbury, Connecticut and surrounding communities. HARTransit was founded in 1972 as the Danbury-Bethel Transit District by the two municipalities. The name was changed to Housatonic Area Regional Transit in 1979 after the addition of other municipal members. The agency receives funding from municipal contracts, the Connecticut Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration and (on a limited basis) the New York State Department of Transportation. Prior to HARTransit's establishment, Danbury had gone without transit service since 1967 when the privately owned ABC Bus Company which had replaced the Candlewood Bus Company a few months before, ceased operations. The first local bus transit operator in the area, Danbury Power & Transportation Company, operated bus services in Danbury and Bethel from 1926 to 1965. HARTransit provides service to a greater number of towns than its predecessors.

In 2009, HARTransit was recognized as the Urban Community Transportation System of the Year by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA).

The municipalities served by HARTransit are as follows:

  • Connecticut: Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, New Fairfield, New Milford, Newtown, Bethel, Redding, Roxbury, New Fairfield, and Ridgefield. Norwalk and Wilton also see limited HARTransit service but are served primarily by the Norwalk Transit District WHEELS Services.
  • New York: Brewster, Katonah, Lewisboro and Southeast. Brewster and Southeast are also served by PART, while Katonah is primarily served by the Bee-Line Bus System


HART currently provides the following services:

  • Urban Fixed Route: HART operates 7 urban fixed routes which run on a "pulse point" system in which all buses meet at a terminal in downtown Danbury to easily facilitate transfers. The site is near the Danbury Metro-North station and adjacent to the Peter Pan bus station.
    • 1 Hospital/Town Park
    • 2 Stony Hill Rd/Newtown Rd
    • 3 Mill Plain/Brewster
    • 4 Brookfield
    • 5 Bethel Center
    • 6 Danbury Fair Mall/Lake Ave
    • 7 New Milford
  • Route 7 Link, operated with WHEELS, is a weekday-only commuter line which connects Danbury to Norwalk and surrounding communities. (NOTE - JANUARY 28th 2018 NORWALK TRANSIT WILL END ITS OPERATION ON THE 7 LINK
  • SweetHART: HARTransit operates ADA paratransit service for the disabled which parallels the hours and service area of the fixed route system. This service is not offered to those in WHEELS territory or New York. HARTransit also operates Senior (65 or older)/disabled SweetHART dial-a-ride service for Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury, Newtown, New Fairfield and Ridgefield. Dial-a-ride hours and policies vary by municipality.
  • Bus to Rail Service: Peak hour shuttles which connect Danbury to the Brewster station on the Harlem Line and Ridgefield to Katonah, also on the Harlem Line. A third shuttle, connecting New Fairfield to Southeast, began operations in 2009.
    • Danbury-Brewster
    • Ridgefield-Katonah
    • New Fairfield-Southeast
  • Nighttime/Sunday LOOP services: Three routes serving Danbury, New Milford, Brookfield and Bethel which operate during nighttime hours and on Sundays and holidays to offer increased economic opportunities to low-income workers though anyone can use these services.
    • Mall-Hospital LOOP
    • Newtown Road-South Street LOOP
    • New Milford LOOP
  • Saturday Trolley: Starting on June 25th, 2016, the Saturday Trolley began operations and is free to ride. It operates during the season in which the Danbury Farmer's Market is open and makes stops at West & Main, Park Ave. School, Wooster Manor, Elmwood Hall, Roger's Park, Walgreens, Danbury Library, and then the Pulse Point which is located on one side of Kennedy Park where the Farmer's Market is held, the other side holding the Peter Pan bus station along with several businesses.[2][3][4]

Current Fleet[edit]

Manufacturer/Model Order Year Series
Powertrain Notes Image
Orion V 32' 2002 112-115
Detroit Diesel Series 50/Allison B-400R5 will be put out of service when 300 series arrive 2018 early 2019
  • Ex. Westchester Beeline
  • Active
HART Orion 112.jpg
Orion VII 35' 2004 401
Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR/Allison B-400R5
  • Active
HART Orion 401.jpg
Gillig LF 35' 2007 501-510
Cummins ISL EPA 2007/ Allison B-400R5 to be replace with 300 series buses will be same as 200 series between 2018-2019
  • Active
HART Gillig 510.jpg
Gillig LF Trolley Replica 29' 2014 1895 Cummins ISL9 EPA 2013/ Allison B-300R6
  • Active
  • Only operates on Saturdays
Gillig BRT 35' 2014 201-212 Cummins ISL9 EPA 2013/ Allison B-400R6
  • Active
  • Replaced 2001 Orion Vs
  • Replaced 2001 New Flyer D40LFs

HARTransit uses Startrans and Goshen Coach body-on-chassis buses for SweetHART, rail shuttles and LOOP routes.[5]

Retired Fleet[edit]

HARTransit previously used TMC buses, Nova Bus Rapid Transit Series (RTS) buses, Orion I and II buses, as well as Cable Car Concepts and DuponTrolley replica trolley buses.

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