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HousePriceCrash is a website about the housing bubble and general affordability in the British property market. Its daily news blog was ranked by The Times as one of the top 25 property blogs[1] and one of the top 50 business blogs.[2]

The Times has described the website as "where you can check whether your home is about to become worthless"[3] and was also made their website of the week.[4] It has a reputation for being very pessimistic on the economy, with Richard Simpson in the Guardian saying that it gives him the "urge to build a bunker and start stockpiling baked beans",[5] and also a reputation for "a sense of the resentment and exclusion felt by those who cannot afford to buy." [6]


The site was established to collate and disseminate economic literature with specific regard to property in the UK and globally and "to act as a counterbalance to the huge amounts of positive spin the housing market receives in the main media."[7] Since the site was established the late-2000s financial crisis has occurred and other issues discussed in depth include the credit crunch and its repercussions.

The site was set up in late 2003 as a non-profit resource for consumers and was later acquired in January 2006 by Fubra, which is owned by Brendan McLoughlin.[8]

Media activity[edit]

Housepricecrash posters' views are bearish and this is reflected in public pronouncements on property.[9]

The website's former spokesman Jonathan Davis made various appearances in the media, including BBC Breakfast, BBC 6 O'clock and 10 O'clock News,[10] Politics Show,[11] Moneybox,[12] Sky News,[13] Panorama, ITN's The Tonight Programme and Bloomberg TV, as well as numerous radio appearances (e.g. Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 5 Live) and in national newspapers including The Guardian,[14] Libération[15] and Forbes.[16]


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