House Flipper

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House Flipper
House Flipper.jpg
Publisher(s)PlayWay S.A.[1]
SeriesHouse Flipper
Platform(s)Windows, macOS
Release17 May 2018

House Flipper is a simulation game that was developed by Polish indie studio Empyrean and released by PlayWay S.A. through Steam.[2] It was released on May 17, 2018. It became a bestseller on Steam.[3][4][5]


Gameplay involves fixing up properties in order to create a profit. Tasks that can be performed include painting, laying down tile, cleaning, installations, and demolition.[citation needed]


House Flipper received "mixed or average reviews" according to review aggregator Metacritic,[6] with multiple reviewers commenting that fixing up the homes is satisfying while questioning its long-term playability. Kotaku reviewed the game, stating that they found it satisfying to fix up homes that are "often extremely gross or ugly" and that "Manifesting your vision of a decent, sellable house onto these garbage heaps feels amazing—especially because it happens on such a granular scale."[7] Game Informer was more mixed, writing that "Flipping your first few houses is fun, but the game doesn’t have the scope or flexibility to stay interesting for long".[8] PC Gamer was critical, stating that "There's a definite satisfaction in taking a gross room and making it look nice, and it's pretty cool that you can knock down (and rebuild) walls, but I just don't find the act of slowly and mechanically painting and cleaning much fun, especially with the knowledge that my actual house could do with a bit of that."[9]


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