Steering and Policy Committees of the United States House of Representatives

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In the United States House of Representatives, the House Democratic Caucus includes a Steering and Policy Committee. Its primary purpose is to assign fellow party members to other House committees, and it also advises party leaders on policy. The House Republican Conference divides the duties of this committee between two groups: a Policy Committee and a Steering Committee.

House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee[edit]

The House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee is chaired by the party leader in the House, which has been Nancy Pelosi since 2003, in her capacities as Minority Leader (2003-2007, 2011-present) and Speaker of the House (2007-2011), when the Democrats had the minority and majority of seats in the House, respectively. The party leader also appoints two co-chairs to assist her on the committee. Rosa DeLauro (for Steering) and Rob Andrews (for Policy) have served in these positions since 2013.[1][2][3]

House Republican Policy Committee[edit]

James Lankford currently chairs the Policy Committee. He replaced Tom Price in 2013, who had succeeded Thaddeus McCotter in early 2011. McCotter had proposed eliminating the committee in 2010.[4] McCotter was preceded by Adam Putnam, who chaired the committee from February 2006 through the end of the 109th Congress.

In the Republican House leadership hierarchy, the chair of the House Republican Policy Committee ranks fifth, below the Speaker of the House, Majority Leader, Majority Whip, and the Republican Conference Chairman.

House Republican Steering Committee[edit]

For House Republicans, the Steering committee is chaired by the party leader in the House, either the Speaker (if Republicans are in the majority) or the Minority (Floor) Leader (if Republicans are in the minority). Under rules adopted after the 1994 Republican Revolution, the House party leader had five votes on the committee. The current Chairman of the Republican Steering Committee is John Boehner.[5]

The Republican counterpart in the Senate is the Committee on Committees. Senate Republicans also operate a Steering Committee to discuss policy issues.[6]

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