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DJ House Shoes
Birth name Michael Buchanan
Also known as
  • HouseShoes
  • Smokey The Cat
Born Lathrup Village, Michigan, US
Origin Los Angeles, California, US
  • Producer
  • DJ
Years active 1994–present
  • House Shoes Recordings
  • Tres Records
  • Fat Beats
  • Street Corner Music
Associated acts

Michael Buchanan, better known as House Shoes, is an American Detroit-born hip hop producer and DJ, who currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.[1] He served as a producer on albums by Phat Kat, Proof, Elzhi, Pumpkinhead, Marv Won, J Dilla, Danny Brown, and Quelle Chris among others.[2] He's a two-time Detroit Music Awards winner for Outstanding Hip-Hop DJ (in 2005 and 2006).[3]


Buchanan grew up in Lathrup Village. He was introduced to hip-hop in elementary school when Father MC's nephew moved into his neighborhood and played him tapes by artists like The Fat Boys, Run DMC, and Ice T.[4] He was given the name House Shoes after his mother gave him a pair of LB Evans house shoes in 1993 that he wore everywhere for several years.[5]

Shoes started making early instrumental compositions on a 4-track and a battery-operated Rock and Play sampler.[4] He later purchased an MPC 3000 in 1996.[4] One of his earliest professional productions was the late Detroit rapper Bugz's song "These Streets".[4] He went to Southfield-Lathrup High School and Eastern Michigan University.[6]

He was a resident deejay at the hip hop staple St. Andrews Hall from 1994–2004. He worked at a number of record stores, including Melodies & Memories, Street Corner Music[7] and later also worked as a manager for Fat Beats.[8] In 2002 House Shoes produced the song "Broken" for D12 member and Detroit rapper Proof's Electric Coolaid Acid Testing. In 2009 he released The King James Version, a mixtape of samples used by J Dilla.[9]

In 2006 House Shoes moved from Detroit to Los Angeles after the death of his close friend J Dilla.[5]

As a DJ, Buchanan has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe with artists Guilty Simpson, Illa J, Exile, Aloe Blacc, Percee P, Phat Kat, Slum Village and Elzhi, to name a few, as well as on his own. But he has garnered the respect of acts far outside the scope of Detroit hip-hop. Most recently, Buchanan performed as tour DJ on Mayer Hawthorne & The County's Spring 2010 16-city headlining tour. Shoes also a regular radio show on Dublab called Magic.[5]

In 2011 House Shoes produced "Nose Bleeds" on Danny Brown's album XXX. House Shoes released his debut solo album Let It Go in 2012, featuring guest appearances from Alchemist, Danny Brown, Roc Marciano, Black Milk, Oh No, Nottz, and several other artists.

House Shoes founded Street Corner Music in 2013.[10][11] According to a 2015 interview with Shoes, 90% of the labels limited edition vinyl releases sell out within their first week of availability.[5] Dr. Dre selected an instrumental from Street Corner Music producer D.R.U.G.S. Beats' The Gift release for his Compton album.[5] In a 2017 feature in Forbes magazine writer Max Bell said of the label, "few labels can match SCM in the realm of instrumental hip-hop albums."[12]


Studio albums[edit]

Compilation albums[edit]

  • The House Shoes Collection Vol.1 : I Got Next (2004)
  • House Shoes & Street Corner Music Present: The Gift Vol. 7 (2015)
  • The Makings (2016)

Extended plays[edit]

  • Do-Over Vol. 1 10", (2010) w/ Flying Lotus
  • Los Angeles 4/10 10", (2010) w/ Jordan Rockswell
  • Crown Nation EP, (2011) w/ Quelle Chris
  • The Time EP, (2012)

Instrumental albums[edit]

  • Let It Go Instrumentals (2012)


  • The King James Version: Chapter 1, Verses 1–5 (2009)

Hosted & unsorted[edit]

  • Jay Dee Unreleased, 1997
  • ElzhiOut Of Focus EP, 1998
  • Phat Kat - Dedication To The Suckers 12", 1999
  • Loungin' Vol. 1 : Live at the Buddha Lounge, 2005
  • NowOn – Don't Call It A Mixtape w/ Haircut aka Mayer Hawthorne, 2008
  • J1's Starship 27 Volume 2 (compilation): Castles, 2011
  • Behind Closed Doors 45: Purist, 2012


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