House of Al-Falasi

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House of Al Falasi
Coat of arms of Dubai.svg
Coat of arms of Dubai
Country United Arab Emirates
Style(s) His/Her Highness
Founded 1833
Founder Al Maktoum
Ethnicity Emirati

The House of Al Falasi (Arabic: الفلاسي‎‎) is the ruling royal family of Dubai. The Al Maktoum family descends from the Al Bu Falasah (now known as Al-Falasi) section of the Bani Yas, a tribal federation that has been the dominant power throughout most of what is now the United Arab Emirates.[1] In 1833, a large, influential group of the Bani Yas moved to Dubai under the leadership of Maktoum bin Buti bin Maktoum. The Al Maktoum family, a part of the Al Bu Falasah section of the Bani Yas, continues to rule Dubai to this day.[2]

Famous members of the House of Al-Falasi:


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