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Alvensleben is the name of a Low German aristocratic family, whose earliest known member is Wichard de Alvensleve first mentioned in 1163 as a ministerialis of the Bishopric of Halberstadt. The family name comes from Alvensleben Castle (today Bebertal, district of Börde in Saxony-Anhalt).


The agnatic line of the family begins with Gebhard von Alvensleben, mentioned in 1190–1216. The Alvenslebens were hereditary seneschals (Erbtruchsessen) of the Bishopric and Principality of Halberstadt from the 12th century and had castles as the family seat from the time of the purchase (before 1282) of the castle of Erxleben and at Kalbe Castle (1324) in the Altmark. They were occasionally also castellans (Burgherren) of Calvörde Castle in Calvörde.

Coat of arms[edit]

Coat of arms of Alvensleben

The family coat of arms shows in gold two red fesses, the upper one emblazoned with two, the lower one with one silver roses. On the helmet with its red and gold mantling there is an upright, gnarled branch in red and gold, two branches to the right and one to the left, crowned with a silver rose.



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