House of Argavieso

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Argavieso refers to a Lordship in the kingdom of Aragón, Spain. The lords were originated in the bastard of Ferdinand II of Aragon (with his concubine Aldonça Roig d'Ivorra Alemany), Alonso de Aragón (Alphonse of Aragó), that was archbishop of Zaragoza born in 1470 and deceased in 1520. The title of Lord of Argavieso came from his concubine Ana de Gurrea y de Gurrea, lady of Argavieso. They had a son called Ferran (Hernando de Aragón, born 1498 and deceased 1577) that was the following lord (1520–77).

His son, Pere, was lord of Ballobar and Las Casetas. He had four sons: Joan (deceased 1598), lord of Ballobar and Las Casetas. After 1598, their brother Josep was proclaimed lord of Ballobar, but deceased without sons, and the successor was his sister, María (the cadet sister Agustine of Gurrea deceased before without any descendants). After María's death the direct branch ended.

Coordinates: 41°37′N 0°12′E / 41.617°N 0.200°E / 41.617; 0.200