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Božidarević coat of arms

The Božidarević (known as Bosdari in Italian) was a noble family (patrician) of the city of Dubrovnik, dating from the Republic of Ragusa.


In 1450 the Božidarević family participated in the defense of Habsburg Croatia against the Ottoman Empire. Vlaho Božidarević (*c.1635), son of Miho Božidarević, was admitted to the council of Dubrovnik on 5 November 1666, who contributed with 5,000 ducats to the Republic treasury. On 30 July 1667 Božidar Božidarević was admitted to the council of Ragusa as a token of gratitude for community service in the period after the earthquake.

Bosdari of Ancona[edit]

The brother of Vlaho, Frano, moved to Ancona, founding the Ancona branch of the family with the name Bosdari. An Imperial Diploma of 4 July 1753 created the Bosdari of Ancona nobles. The family later moved to Bologna.

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