House of Chains

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House of Chains
House of Chains.jpg
AuthorSteven Erikson
Cover artistSteve Stone
CountryUnited Kingdom
SeriesMalazan Book of the Fallen
GenreFantasy novel
PublisherBantam (UK & Canada) & Tor Books (USA)
Publication date
2 December 2002
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages1,021 pp (UK paperback edition)
ISBN0-553-81313-7 (UK paperback edition)
Preceded byMemories of Ice 
Followed byMidnight Tides 

House of Chains is the fourth volume of Canadian author Steven Erikson's epic fantasy series, the Malazan Book of the Fallen, and a direct sequel to the second volume in the series, Deadhouse Gates.

The novel was the first in the series to be published in hardback, first appearing in the United Kingdom on 2 December 2002. A mass-market paperback edition followed on 3 October 2003. The first United States edition was a hardcover published on 22 August 2006.

Plot summary[edit]

House of Chains takes place immediately after the events of Deadhouse Gates on the subcontinent of Seven Cities. The Chain of Dogs - the evacuation of 50,000 Malazan civilians across 1,500 miles of hostile territory - has ended in the tragic loss of the entire 7th army and its heroic commander, Coltaine. However, with their sacrifice was bought the lives of nearly 30,000 refugees. Meanwhile, the Chain of Dogs has become a legend spreading across Seven Cities, cowing even those responsible for its destruction. Now Adjunct Tavore Paran has arrived at the head of the 14th Army, largely consisting of untried recruits. Their mission is to advance into the heart of the Holy Desert Raraku, the very heart of the rebellion known as the Whirlwind, and destroy Sha'ik and her forces once and for all. The rebels outnumber the Malazans vastly. However, all is not well in Sha'ik's camp and internal conflicts threatens to destroy her army before the Malazans can. Meanwhile, a mighty warrior named Karsa Orlong descends from his mountain fastness on Genabackis, beginning a journey that will live in legend, and the thief Crokus and assassin Apsalar find themselves drawn into a desperate struggle for control of the Throne of Shadow. Finally, a warrior named Trull Sengar is rescued from certain death with news of a terrible new foe arising to trouble all the world...


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