House of Citizen-Memorial Hall of Attendance

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House of Citizen-Memorial Hall of Attendance
行啟紀念館 11.JPG
General information
LocationDouliu, Yunlin, Taiwan
Coordinates23°42′20.6″N 120°32′30.0″E / 23.705722°N 120.541667°E / 23.705722; 120.541667Coordinates: 23°42′20.6″N 120°32′30.0″E / 23.705722°N 120.541667°E / 23.705722; 120.541667
Completedcirca 1927
OpenedOctober 2011

The House of Citizen-Memorial Hall of Attendance (Chinese: 行啟紀念公民會館; pinyin: Xíngqǐ Jìniàn Gōngmín Huìguǎn) is a hall in Douliu City, Yunlin County, Taiwan.[1]


The establishment of the hall originated from the Crown Prince Hirohito's visit to Taiwan. The construction of the hall was initiated by Wu Keming, with funds he raised from community donations and government funds. The hall then served as a commemoration for the Crown Prince's visit. It also became a public gathering venue for residents for meetings, seminars, banquets, and performances. After restoration, the building was leased to several companies such as Groundwater Company, Chiayi Motor Vehicle Office Douliu Subdivision, and Public Employees Mart. In October 2011, the Yunlin County Government officially commenced the operation of the building and renamed it the House of Citizen-Memorial Hall of Attendance.


The hall regularly held music performances and movie screenings.


The hall is accessible within walking distance south of Douliu Station of Taiwan Railways.

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