House of Colville (Colvin)

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The House of Colville (Colvin) is an Anglo-Norman family in England. The family originate from Gilbert de Collevile of Colleville Sur Mer, Normandy. As a Knight Gilbert came to England as a part of the Norman Conquest, with records indicating an embarkation at Dives, landing with the main force at Pevensey in 1066.[1]

The Domesday Book of 1086 records Gilbert's descendants as holding lands directly from the Crown in Yorkshire, specifically Arncliffe where the family would remain prominent for many centuries.[2]

One of the family's most notable titles is the Barony de Colville of Castle Bytham where from the 12th Century the family controlled a Barony with lands in excess of 25,000 acres (10,000 ha).[3]

Later the family name changed to Colvin, situated in Sussex, and later, London and the surrounding counties, notably at Monkhams Hall near Waltham Abbey, Essex.[4]


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