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Coordinates: 43°05′04″N 77°40′08″W / 43.084491°N 77.66893°W / 43.084491; -77.66893

House of General Science or HoGS is a special interest house at Rochester Institute of Technology. HoGS was established in 1997 as a house devoted to the love of science, and all majors.


The House of General Science was originally started by members of the Alpha Chi Sigma (ΑΧΣ) Chemistry Fraternity in Gibson Hall. However, they realized that devoting a single floor to chemistry was too narrow, and could easily attract more members by branching into all sciences.


The House of General Science was established to provide a scholastic network for its members, and prides itself on attracting more than just science majors. Some past and current members of the floor have been:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Arts
  • Imaging Science
  • Computing Sciences, Medical Informatics, and related majors

House Representatives[edit]

The House of General Science has an executive board, and several committees devoted to making the environment in the house inviting to members.


For the 2016 - 2017 year, our e-board includes:

  • President: Marc Caceres
  • Vice-President: Felix Brink
  • Secretary: Theresa Klingshirn
  • Treasurer: Fenton Reichle


The on-floor committees include:

  • Public Relations
  • Social Council
  • Community Service
  • Project Manager
  • Academic Liaison
  • Technical Support
  • Historical Council
  • Housing Improvement

The off-floor committees include:

  • Off-floor liaison

House Resources[edit]

House of General Science has many resources available on floor for its members to utilize, in both academic and recreational ways.


The house has a study lounge and library of both scholastic and recreational books to be on loan to any member of the house. The study lounge has two white boards and a number of tables at which to work, and many on-floor members who are more than willing to help tutor in difficult subjects. Additionally, the house has a Tech Lounge, which houses the floor's server for its website.


HoGS is a very sociable group of people. The floor has a lounge exclusively for recreational use. Amenities include a ping pong table, projector, and large flat-screen HDTV. These items are used frequently for social events and bonding activities for the house. Normally, there are several scheduled social events each week in order to encourage friendship and have an all around good time. If there is a cost for the event, HoGS will usually subsidize a portion of it. Past events include apple picking, rock climbing, laser tag, paintball, bocce, holiday parties, movie nights, and much much more. There are also regular soccer pickup games.

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