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Coat of arms.

The Gučetić, Gozze or Gozzi were an old noble family of the Republic of Ragusa.


According to some historical works, they were original settlers of the republic.[1]


  • Dživo Gučetić (1451–1502), writer
  • Nicolò Vito di Gozzi (Nikola Gučetić, 1549–1610), scientist
  • Clement de Gozze
  • Gauges de Gozze
  • Georgius Gozze
  • Vladislav Gozze (fl. 1817)
  • Francesco Paolo Gozze
  • Bazzioli di Gozze
  • Carlo Gozzi

Gučetić, Austrian house[edit]

In the manual of the aristocracy, encyclopedia, 1978, volume IV, the following entry is found:

Gučetić Kath. - Patrizier of Dubrovnik. - Hungarian ones. Gfnstand with “de Trebinje et Popovo” Vienna 23.4.1687 (for Lucas, Raphael and Nikola Gučetić); österr. Aristocracy confirmation 10.11.1817 (for Raphael Johann Gučetić, Patrizier of Dubrovnik); österr. Confirmation as a “count von Trebinje and Popovo” 31.5.1818 (for the brothers and cousins Johann Nicolaus, Lucas Nicoloaus, Lucas Maria, Paul Wladislaus, Wladislaus Franz and Paul Franz Gučetić); österr. Aristocracy and coat of arms confirmation by A.E of 16.6.1835, diploma… 27.8.1836 (for Melkior Gučetić).

In the book: Condition increases and grace document for the German Reich and Austrian hereditary country until 1806… of Karl the Friedrich v. franc on lock Senftenegg, 1970, the following is noted:

Gučetić, Raphael Johann de, Patrizier of Dubrovnik, AdBest., 10.XI 1817, Gučetić, Paul de, son of the Wladislaus, Lucas, Lucas Maria, Johann, Paul, Söhne of the Nikola Vladislav, count title as a "Count von Trebinje and Popovo", 31.V.1818.

In the manual of the aristocracy, räfliche houses, volume XI, 1983, the genealogy of the counts Gučetić is published. Write nevertheless simply, what you need for data from the genealogy of the count family. After this expenditure (1983) nearly all family members live in former Yugoslavia in addition, in Erftstadt Gymnich.

The last descendants were:

  • Nikola, Nikša (born Trieste 26 April 1906), attorney, married in Dubrovnik on 19 April 1937 to Erna Bayer (born 14 July 1911), they had 4 children:
    • Magdalena (Magda) born 17 May 1941;
    • Marin (Marino) Nikola stage designer, born 30.10.1944;
    • Nikoleta (Nika) born 24 June 1949;
    • Orsat (Medo) Luka born 27 March 1954. Musician.

Furthermore, only daughters are born of other counts Gučtić, Marin and Orsat did not have for male children, this male line might expire. Orsat Gučetić lived in Erftstadt Gymnich in 1983 and the Count Marin Gučetić lived 1983 in Zagreb Sopot II. In the entrance text in the manual of the aristocracy is mentioned and I still quotes literally: Is last one of the genealogy (with further lines): Gotha gfl. Taschb.1872. Also would be to examine whether under the name "Count von Trebinje and Popovo" the family Gučetić and/or under this new aristocracy name further-flowered a new sex created. The family is known for erecting the oldest arboretum in the world, in Trsteno near Dubrovnik.

A branch of the family settled in Venice in the 17th century, where they changed their name from Gučetić to "Gozzi". Carlo Gozzi (1720–1806) became famous as a writer, as well as his brother Gasparo (1713–1786).[2] The last descendant of this branch is the Marquis Giorgio Gozzi, who in 1981 wrote a book dedicated to his distant roots: The free and sovereign Republic of Ragusa, 634-1814.[3]

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