House of Habib

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House of Habib
Founded 1841
Founder Habib Esmail[1]
Headquarters Karachi, Pakistan
Number of employees
10,000 [2]

The House of Habib is a Pakistani conglomerate company which is based in Karachi, Pakistan.

It is a prominent Khoja business family in Pakistan.[3]


The company has history going back to 19th century, when it started as Khoja Mithabhai Nathoo in 1841 based in then Bombay as a family business.[1] In 1891, a family member named Habib Esmail helped the company to expand.[1] From this, company became a major trading firm. In 1921, his four sons joined the business when he established Habib & Sons which went on to become today's HBL Pakistan.[1]

The House of Habib holds many distinctions in Pakistan's history. Habib Bank was shifted to Pakistan on the personal bidding of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. He came to the aid of the nascent state "even before the Govt of Pakistan was ready to issue appropriate government paper" with a Rs 80 million loan when the Reserve Bank of India failed to deliver Pakistan share of Rs 900 million held by it. It is said that Mohammad Ali Habib gave a blank cheque on Lloyds Bank to the Quaid-e-Azam who wrote Rs 80 million in it. [4] [5]

The Habib family set up offices in Vienna and Geneva as early as 1912 and incorporated Habib and Sons in 1921, which dealt in brass, metal scraps and gold with "Lion of Ali" & Zulfiqar embossed on it. The Habib Bank still uses this as its insignia.[6] Habibs today are headed by Rafiq Habib and the Dawood Habib family in two distinct groups.


The group owns following companies:


  • Indus Motors Company
  • Agriauto Industries Limited
  • Agriauto Stamping Company (Private) Limited
  • AuVitronics Limited
  • Thal Limited Electric
  • Thal Limited Thermal
  • Thal Boshoku Pakistan (Private) Limited

Building Materials[edit]

  • Shabbir Tiles and Ceramics Limited
  • Thal Limited – Baluchistan Laminates Division


  • Thal Limited – Papersack Division
  • Thal Limited – Jute Division


  • AuVitronics Limited



  • Agriauto Industries Limited

Financial Services[edit]

  • Habib Insurance Company Limited

Present day[edit]

The Habib group today consists of:

(Bank Al Habib is affiliated with the Dawood Habib Group)

  • Motors - Indus Motors Company and Agri Auto industries limited
  • Manufacturing - Shabbir Tiles and Ceramics, Thal jute, AuVitronics, Thal Engineering, DYNEA Pakistan Limited, Baluchistan Laminates, Noble (PVT) Limited, Pakistan Papersack Corporation Ltd., Horn Plastics Canada
  • Oil & Gas - Inclusive Energy Ltd.
  • IT - Noble Computer services.
  • Schools - Habib Public School (Boys only), Habib Girls' School (Girls only), Ghulaman-e-Abbas (Boys only)
  • Colleges - Habib Public High School (Boys only), Habib Girls' Higher Secondary School (Girls only)
  • University - Habib University

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