House of Love (Dottie West album)

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House of Love was a 1974 RCA Records album by country singer Dottie West. With West's career on an upswing following her 1973 hit Country Sunshine, this album continued her comeback as a country hitmaker with three top 40 country songs "House of Love", "Lay Back Lover", and the top ten "Last Time I Saw Him" which earned West a Grammy nomination. Nevertheless, the album itself curiously failed to chart at all despite spawning three major hits.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Lay Back Lover" (Steve Pippin, Rafe Van Hoy)
  2. "Everybody Bring a Song" (Bill Backer)
  3. "Last Time I Saw Him" (Michael Masser, Pamela Sawyer)
  4. "Just the Other Side of Nowhere" (Kris Kristofferson)
  5. "House of Love" (Kenny O'Dell)
  6. "Good Lovin' You" (Larry Gatlin)
  7. "I Still Can't Believe You're Gone" (Willie Nelson)
  8. "I Like to Hear the Rain" (Alex Harvey)
  9. "Does it Matter" (Donna Fargo)
  10. "Love As Long As We Can" (Dottie West, Byron Metcalf, Billy Davis)


  • Producer: Billy Davis
  • Vocal Accompaniment: The Nashville Edition.