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Coat of arms of the House of Nelipić
Country Croatia in personal union with Hungary
Parent house Svačić
  • count
  • ban
  • duke
Founded fl. 1244
Founder Nelipac
Current head extinct
Dissolution 1436

The Nelipić, also called Nelipac or Nelipčić, were a medieval Croatian noble family from Dalmatian Zagora in Croatia. They were greatly involved in political situations in Dalmatia, and in Bosnia. At their greatest extent during the 14th and 15th century, they ruled areas in inner Croatia from mountain Velebit to Cetina river. They emerged as descendants of the Svačić gentis.

Rise of Nelipić's power[edit]

Rise of Nelipić's power was harmonized with fall of the Šubić family's influence, with whom the Nelipić continued to have tense relations and frequent skirmishes with during the 1330s.[1] When George II Šubić died between 1328 and 1330, he was succeeded by his son Mladen III Šubić.[1] Pressure from Ivan Nelipić, including his capture of Ostrovica and various lesser Šubić places, led Mladen III and his uncle Paul II to make peace with Nelipić.[1]

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