House of Normandy

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House of Normandy
Maison de Normaund (Norman French)
Arms of William the Conqueror (1066-1087).svg
Arms of the Duchy of Normandy[nb 1]
CountryFrance, England
Final rulerHenry I of England
Estate(s)Normandy, England, Flanders
Dissolution1167 (1167)
Cadet branchesIllegitimate lines:
  1. ^ The House of Normandy became extinct before the age of heraldry.

The House of Normandy (Norman: Maison de Nouormandie [mɛ.zɔ̃ d̪e nɔʁ.mɛnde]) designates the noble family which originates from the Duchy of Normandy and whose members were counts of Rouen, dukes of Normandy, as well as kings of England following the Norman conquest of England. It lasted until the House of Plantagenet came to power in 1154. The house emerged from the union between the Viking Rollo[1] (first ruler of Normandy) and Poppa of Bayeux,[2] a West Frankish noblewoman. William the Conqueror[3] and his heirs down through 1135 were members of this dynasty.

After that it was disputed between William's grandchildren, Matilda, whose husband Geoffrey[4] was the founder of the House of Plantagenet, and Stephen of the House of Blois (or Blesevin dynasty).[5]

The Norman counts of Rouen were:

The Norman dukes of Normandy were:

The Norman monarchs of England and Normandy were:

Norman Count of Flanders:

Family tree[edit]

Counts of Rouen and Dukes of Normandy shown in bold.

First Norman count of Rouen 911–927
House of Normandy

Second Norman count of Rouen 927–942
Richard I
‘the Fearless’

First duke of Normandy 942–996
Richard II
‘the Good’

Second duke of Normandy 996–1027
count of Évreux
∞ Germain
countess of Corbeil
count of Eu
William I
count of Eu
Richard III
Third duke of Normandy 1026-1027
Robert I
‘the Magnificent’

Fourth Duke of Normandy 1027–35
count of Évreux
lord of Gacé
Nicolas of Normandy
Abbot of Saint Ouen
William II (King William I)
‘the Conqueror’

Fith duke of Normandy 1035–87
King of England 1066–87
count of Évreux
Robert II

Sixth duke of Normandy 1087–1106
Stephen II,
Count of Blois
RichardWilliam II

King of England 1087–1100
Ducal Regent 1096–1100
Henry I

King of England 1100–35
Seventh duke of Normandy 1106–35
William Clito
Count of Flanders
Ducal claimant
King of England 1135–54
Duke of Normandy 1135–44
Henry V
king of Germany
Matilda I
Lady of the English
Geoffrey, Count of Anjou
Ninth duke of Normandy 1144–50
William III Adelin
Duke of Normandy 1120
in his father's lifetime
Robert I
1st earl of Gloucester
Richard of Lincoln
1st earl of Cornwall
Robert FitzEdith
∞ Matilda d'Avranches
baroness of Okehampton
Gilbert FitzRoy
Henry FitzRoy
Fulk FitzRoy
monk at Abingdon?
Henry II
Tenth duke of Normandy 1150–89
King of England 1154–89
William FitzRobert
2nd earl of Gloucester
bishop of Bayeux
Meiler Fitzhenry
Lord Chief Justice of Ireland
‘the Young King’

Duke of Normandy 1170–83
in his father's lifetime
Richard IV (King Richard I)

Eleventh duke of Normandy &
King of England 1189–99

Twelfth duke of Normandy &
King of England 1199–1216
Henry III
Thirteenth duke of Normandy 1216–59
(renounced at Treaty of Paris)
King of England 1216–72

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