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Brazilian Imperial Family
CoA Empire of Brazil (1870-1889).svg
Original coat of arms of the Imperial House of Brazil, before 1912, when was added the coat of arms of the House of Orléans in the middle of the Imperial blason (23 years after the Brazilian proclamation of the republic).
Country Brazil
Origin Brazilian, Portuguese
Parent house House of Braganza
Founded 1822
Founder Dom Pedro I of Brazil
Final ruler Dom Pedro II of Brazil
Deposition 1889
Current head Prince Luiz of Orléans-Braganza
Prince Pedro Carlos of Orléans-Braganza
Cadet branches House of Orléans-Braganza
House of Saxe-Coburg and Braganza

On September 7, 1822, Dom Pedro of Braganza, Prince Royal of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves, member of the House of Braganza, heir apparent to the Portuguese throne and the King's representative in Brazil, declared the country's independence from the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves and proclaimed himself Emperor of Brazil. The imperial title was officially bestowed upon him on October 12, 1822. This resulted in the Brazilian Declaration of Independence. In 1825, signing the treaty of Rio de Janeiro of this date, his father, King Dom João VI, recognized the independence of the new state, the former Portuguese dominion, now Empire of Brazil.

Brazil, from 1530 to 1815 a colony of the Portuguese Empire, had been officially elevated to the status of United Kingdom (with Portugal) in 1815, in the reign of Queen Maria I of Portugal, by the Prince Regent Dom João of Braganza (future John VI). Between 1815 and 1822, the kingdom was known officially as the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves.

Emperors of Brazil (1822–1889)[edit]

The Empire of Brazil remained a constitutional monarchy until 1889 - when the republic was proclaimed after a military coup d'état, and had two reigning emperors, both from the House of Braganza:

Pretenders to the Brazilian throne since 1889[edit]

The Brazilian Imperial Family in 1887

The Vassouras line[edit]

The Petrópolis line[edit]

Past members and some descendants of the imperial family[edit]

Arms of the Saxe-Coburg and Braganza branch.

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