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Coat of arms according to Siebmacher

The House of Stammern, also Stammer, was an ancient, knightly, Saxon, aristocratic family.


The family was first recorded in 1295 when a certain Conradus dictus Stammern was mentioned. The family had estates in Anhalt around and in Ballenstedt, and including Ermsleben, Görlsdorf, Polleben, Wedlitz, Westdorf and Wörmlitz. From 1420 they also owned Balgstädt. The brother of the same name, Bishop Henry of Stammer was dean (Stiftshauptmann) in Zeitz from 1471-76 and sat in Plotha in 1482 and in Balgstädt in 1483. Adrian Arndt and Henning of Stammer were members of the Fruitbearing Society. In 1752 Carl Friedrich von Stammer was a member of the Naumburg Cathedral Chapter. Eckhardt August von Stammer (1772) was the commander (Landkomtur) of the Kommende of Lucklum in the province or Ballei of Saxony within the Order of Teutonic Knights.


Coat of arms[edit]

The coat of arms according to Siebmacher's Heraldry of 1605 shows a silver bend sinister on a red field. The mantling is red and silver. The crest is a sheaf of red pennons on golden shafts.

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