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Coa fam ITA tudisi2.jpg
Country Republic of Ragusa

The Tudisi[a] was a Ragusan noble family, which produced people such as distinguished diplomat Martholus de Tudisio[1] and merchant Give de Tudisio[2] in the 14th century. The basis of their economy was ties with the Republic of Venice in the 14th and 15th centuries.[1] They were among the eleven smallest houses in the 15th century.[3] After 1808, with the French occupation and division of the Ragusan nobility into two groups, the family joined the Salamancanists, along with the Bassegli, Benessa, Bonda, Buća, Giorgi-Bona, Gradi, Ragnina and Resti, while Gondola, Palmotta, Proculo were Sorbonnists; the rest of Ragusan nobility had branches, more or less, in both groups.[4] The family moved to Venice, as did many of the other Ragusan patrician families.[5]


  • Martholus de Tudisio (fl. 1356–83), Ragusan diplomat to Venice.[6]
  • Give de Tudisio (fl. 1348–50), Ragusan merchant.[2]


  1. ^ The most used spellings are Tudisi and Tudisio. Other spellings include Tediusio, Tedoyse, Teudisio, Theodoysio, Tidiso, Tiduiso, Todusio, Thodisio.[7] In Croatian, the name is rendered Tudišević or Tudizić.


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